Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: At this point in time, God chose Joshua to be a successor of Moses in leadership. This is the first time for Joshua to lead this large number of people to enter Canaan that why God assured him of His presence to succeed.

Illustration: New job, new married couple, & Joshua to be a successor of Moses.

I. His awareness of new things handed to him (vs.1-2)

1. A new responsibility

2. A new place to conquer

3. A new problems along the way (they are unhorsemen)

4. A new adjustment for leadership

II. The admonitions (vs.6-7)

1. Be strong and of good courage (v.7a,9b)

2. Observe the law v.7 (2 King 18:5-7a)

3. Do not turn to the right or to the left v.7c

Quotation: "To correct an improper actions is a part of one’s growth as a leader." (Philippine Military Academy)

4. Do not let this bookdepart from your mouth, meditate it day and night- to do anything written on it v.8a, Prov.3:102

Quotation: To insure victory in combat, soldiers need confidence in their leader with a felling that when they go out in the battlefield, they have great chances of getting back alive. (Philippine Military Academy)

III. Assurance (v.5)

1. Protection

"no one will be able tostand up against you all the days of your life" v.5a

"As I am with Moses, so I will be with you" v.5b

(1 Samuel 18:12-15)

2. Success

"You will be successful wherever you go" v.7c

3. Prosperity

"You will be prosperous" v.8b Eph.1:3, Deut. 5:32-33

4. His presence

"The Lord will be with you wherever you go" 9c

The best way to succeed is to say "I will" to God.

"It is impossible to rightfully govern the world without the word of God-Jeorge Washington

Joshua’s courage, hope, victory and wisdom for the success were dependent upon his constant attention to the written law.

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