Summary: This is the first of four sermons that present the four basic ingredients that are a must if our churches are to become Great Kingdom churches.

The Headship Factor

Matthew 16:13-18

I. He Must Be the Head Based on His Position (v. 16)

A. He is the Son of God

B. He Gave His Life For It

“..just as Christ also loved the church and gave His life for it.” – Eph. 5:25

C. He will ultimately be our Judge

1. He will judge every soul that has ever lived

2. He is judging the church today (Rev. 2-3)

II. He Must Be the Head Because He is the Foundation (v. 18b)

A. No man can be the foundation

1. There will be no power

2. There will be real change in lives

B. The Past Can’t Be the Foundation

1. It will always cause us to look backward and not forward

2. It will cause us to rebel against the plan and will of God

3. It will ultimately carry you back where you used to be

C. Programs Can’t be the Foundation

D. Jesus must be the foundation

1. The Rock of our worship

2. The Rock of our teaching

3. The Rock of our preaching

4. The rock of our planning

III. He Must be the Head Because of Our Enemy (v. 18c)

A. Our enemy is powerful

1. In his deception

2. In his hatred

B. Our enemy will attack

1. When God is moving

2. When God’s people are excited

3. When God’s church is growing

C. Our enemy is defeated

1. By the Spirit

2. By the Blood of Jesus

3. By the Resurrection of Jesus

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