Summary: America needs to be healed and God has provided the plan.


II Chron. 7:14

INTRO.- I love America! Don’t you? And let me tell you why I love America.

ILL.- Father: Why don’t you get yourself a job?

Son: Why?

Father: So you could earn some money.

Son: Why?

Father: So you could put some money in the bank and earn some interest.

Son: Why?

Father: So that when you’re old you can use the money in your bank account and you would never have to work again.


Brethren, I love America because where else in the world can you live and not work?

That’s not the real reason why I love America but that’s probably why some people love America. Because they have found they can live off the government.

ILL.- One lady said to another, “Did you see how pleased Mrs. Smith looked when I told her she didn’t look a day older than her daughter?”

Her friend replied, “Why no, I didn’t notice Mrs. Smith. I WAS TOO BUSY WATCHING THE EXPRESSION ON HER DAUGHTER’S FACE.”

That’s why I love America. Where else but in America can a mother make herself look as young as her daughter? Or perhaps younger!

ILL.- An executive came home from work and slumped down in his favorite chair with a discouraged look on his face. His wife asked him what was wrong.

He said, “Well, you know those aptitude tests we’ve giving at the office? I took one today just for fun. And it’s a good thing I own the company!”

Where else but in American can the owner of a company be dumber than his employees? That’s why I love America!

ILL.- Someone else put it this way: Where else but in America do we make instant coffee and yet spend hours drinking it?

Where else but in America does it take more brains to fill out the income tax return than it does to make the income?

Where else but in America does a mother drive her three kids 4 blocks to a physical fitness center?

Brethren, I do love America, but these are not the real reasons why. But let me quickly give you some reasons why I do love America and then talk about the healing of America.

1- I love America because of our FREEDOM

ILL.- Since 1984 I have traveled to the following cities to attend the North American Christian

Convention: Atlanta, Georgia...Oklahoma City, OK...

Denver, Colorado....Cincinnati, Ohio....Louisville,

KY....Orlando, Florida....St. Louis, MO...Dallas,

TX....Indianapolis, Indiana. And probably several more

which I can’t remember.

I haven’t been out of the U.S. but I’ve also been to Duluth, MN, several times to run a marathon for 26 miles alongside Lake Superior, and I’ve been to Boston, MA to run that marathon. And when I was a child my parents took me to Disney Land in California, and I remember absolutely nothing about it!

Other people have been to many more places in the U.S. than I have. ALL I AM SAYING IS THIS:

Isn’t our freedom to travel anywhere in the U.S.

without a passport a wonderful blessing!

Also, think of all the other freedoms that we have: freedom of speech, freedom to live wherever we want, freedom to seek any occuption we want, freedom to worship as we please! Thank God for our freedom in the America!

2- I love America because of our FORTUNE I know, you’re thinking, “What fortune?”

I am not saying that I have made a fortune in America, but some people certainly have: Multi-billionaire Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Martha Stewart, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, and hundreds of others have made a fortune in the U.S.A.

Where else in the world can you can make a fortune if you really set on your mind to it and go for it? No other country in the world offers such an opportunity as America does!

3- I love America because of our FUN

Did you ever stop to think how many fun things are available in our country? In the U.S. you can do

so many fun things, such as: Six Flags (that wouldn’t be fun for me, but it would for some), Disney World, Branson, Las Vegas, the World Series, the Super Bowl, you can also visit Hollywood, go to the beaches, and hundreds of other things to do or sites to see.

And our fun doesn’t stop with seeing certain cities or sites! Our fun includes all kinds of things that

people like to do: hunting, fishing, bowling, gardening, going shopping, playing tennis, playing ball, etc.

Where else but in America can you do all these things and have a blast doing them? No other country in the world offers such a great diversity of fun things to do!

4- I love America because of our FOOD

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