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Summary: Lessons form this miracle that we can take home

The Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-Law

Luke 4:38-39,

Mark 1:29-31, Matthew 8:14-15

Miracles of Jesus # 06

Outline of the Text:

I. He leaves the place of Worship and enters the House of Peter. 4:38a

II. The problem when he arrives is there is a sickness in the house. 4:38b

NOTE: Luke being the physician that he was told us more about this fever they the other writers. He said it was a great or a high fever. He lets us know that is was serious illness that had taken Peter’s mother in-law.

III. The request that was made to Jesus, on her behalf. 4:38c

NOTE: Apparently she was so sick she could not ask for help.

IV. The Response of Jesus. 4:39a

A. He stood over her.

NOTE: not a looking down on her but as a physician would look and care for a patient.

B. He rebuked the fever.

NOTE: He spoke the word and it was done.

V. The results of the encounter with Jesus. 4:39b

A. The fever left Peter’s mother in-law.

NOTE: It was a complete healing and restoration. There was not getting over the sickness she was healed and restored to health and strength

B. Peter’s mother in-law began to serve Jesus and those who were there.

Lessons to take home

I. People who love Jesus will still be overcome by sickness and trials

II. When people invited Jesus into their lives they will not be losers, he will bring healing.

A. Healing of relationships

B. Healing of sickness

C. Healing of addictions

D. Healing of problems.

NOTE: These are not all automatic and there are those times when problems come and situations arise in order to teach us about the Grace of God.

III. When people we love are sick we need to ask Jesus to take control of the situation.

NOTE: We need to ask for others to be healed. However mostly we need to ask for the will of God to be done. Rather it is a healing or home going.

IV. There is a place for women in ministry.

V. When the grace of God is experienced is should be followed by gratitude and ministry.

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