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Summary: In this passage the healing of the lame man pictures the conversion of a lost sinner.

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"Healing of the Lame Man"

Text: Acts 3:1-10


-In the passage account of the healing of the lame man.

-We are going to look at this passage not doctrinally but devotionally.

-I believe in the passage that the healing of the lame man pictures the conversion of a lost sinner.

I. The Christians - v. 1

*Peter & John - Their attention or focus are on the things of the Lord.

*They Christian characteristics:

1) Displayed - Unity, harmony, fellowship - "went up together"

*Important to remember most of our Christian service is done together & not alone.


-Jesus sent out the disciples two by two in the towns & villages to witness.

-We must remember that we are many members in one body, the body of Christ.

-No one better than the other.

-In fact, the Bible tells us "we are to esteem others more highly than ourselves"

2) Notice the purpose Peter & John being together.

*v.1 - "went up together into the temple"

*They were going to church

*Not the ballgame; not the movies; not the beer hall; - Amen!!!

*Their fellowship centered around the things of GOD and man.

3) Notice - why Peter & John went to church.

*v. 1 - "at the hour of prayer"

*They were going to a good old fashion "prayer meeting" - Amen!

*Didn’t go to church to play BINGO.

*Didn’t go to church for aerobic exercises.

*Didn’t go to church for some yard sale or bazzar.

*They were going to church to pray, mean business with God.

*Peter & John were men of prayer.

*As we continue down through the passage, we will see the results of two

men meaning business with the things of God.

II. The Condemned - v. 2

*"certain man lame from his mother’s womb"

*lame man pictures the sinner condemned even before birth.

*In Psalm 51:5, David said, "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me."

*Why is a person condemned before even being born?

*Romans 5:12 - Gives us the answer (Read).

*"one man" = Adam.

*Because of Adam’s fall in the garden of Eden, all are born with a sin nature.

*All are condemned to spend eternity in a lake of fire.

*Romans 6:23 - "For wages of sin is death..."

III. The Condition - v. 2

*"lame" - man was lame

*"was carried" - man was helpless

*He couldn’t go anywhere unless he was literally carried.

*"ask alms" - he was a beggar

*He counted on others for his existence.

*This man’s condition pictures the unsaved sinner.

*Totally spiritually bankrupt.

*A spiritual pauper

*Spiritually sick.

*Dead in tresspasses and sins unable to move.

*He was dependent on the goodness and mercy of man (good works of others)

& not God.

*As we are told that he "was carried"

*He trusted in man not God for his daily supply - "ask alms"

*In the Old Testament, man that was lame was looked down upon by others.

*He was an outcast because views as deserving of affliction because of his sin.

*Old Testament - Physical & material prosperity dependent upon right relationship with God.

*Notice, his position to the temple

-Outside the temple at the gate.

*Temple pictures the dwelling place of God.

*Today, in the age of grace, the Christian’s body is the temple.

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