Summary: This mircles will teach lessons of life

The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son

Miracles of Jesus #03

John 4:46-54

As we look at this second Miracle of Jesus. We see Jesus comes back to Cana. There is a nobleman whose son was severally sick to the point of death, he heard about Jesus and he knew that if anyone could help, Jesus could. For this man to come to Jesus took nerve and humility. He was a nobleman, most bible scholars say this man was very high official under Herod. For any High official to go for help and in the text we can see that he begged Jesus. He had nerve because it could have cost his position and he had humility because he knew that he had to get on his face before God. Following Jesus take nerves because it will cost you everything and it takes Humility because we need to get on or face before God. We have to acknowledge we are nothing.

I. The seeking of Jesus. 4:46-47

A. The man had a desperate need. His Son was sick to the point of death.

B. He heard about Jesus.

C. The request for Jesus to come.

II. The belief of the man. 4:48-50

A. The concern that Jesus had in relation to signs and wonders.

NOTE: Jesus was testing his faith.

B. The persistence of the man.

C. The man believed the Word or Jesus.

III. The obedience of the man. 4:50b

He went as Jesus said to go

IV. The confirmation of faith. 4:51-53a

V. The witness is a product of faith. 4:53


1. If there is a crisis in your life find Jesus.

2. When the crisis has been turned over to Jesus trust His Word.

3. We need to share (be a witness) about the miracles in or lives so others can come to faith.

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