Summary: This will show us what the Centurions thought about Jesus

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The Roman Centurion’s slave healed

Luke 7:1-10

(Matthew 8:5-13)

Miracles # 14

I. The Centurion had heard of Jesus’ Ability.

II. He recognized Jesus’ Nobility and his own unworthiness.

A. He knew he was not worth to come to Jesus.

B. He knew that Jesus was to great to go to his house.

NOTE: This is a picture of humility. When we all realize how unworthy we are it will make a profound impact on our lives.

III. He understood Jesus’ Authority.

You just have to speak the word and my servant will be healed. This was an exercise of faith.

IV. Jesus saw a greater faith then he had seen by this Roman then in Israel.

NOTE: Are there times when we see greater faith from people outside of the faith then we do of those in side the faith.

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