Summary: Healing is given to us in the form of healing power that goes to work in your body to drive out sicknessa nd disease

The Healing Power

The healing power is working in you to drive out sickness and disease. We have healing given to us in the form of healing power that goes to work when hands are laid on us, when we speak the Word, when we place an anointed prayer cloth on us or in any number of other delivery systems. The full blown manifestation of healing usually does not occur immediately but rather we get the healing power and it begins to work immediately in our bodies. We keep the witch of faith turned on by having confidence that he is working in the day ahead. Luke 5:17 says, “The power of the Lord was present to heal.” It is actively working as long as we adamantly believe. Matthew 10 says, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drivee out demon. Freely you have receive, freely give” NLT. We do not concoct the healing power within ourselves. It come from God and we receive it and impart it to others. When others take it by faith, it becomes active to do its work but you must keep the witch turned on by what we believe and what we way. Some positive statement are necessary. “I believe the power of the Lord is working in me to drive out sickness and disease. At first it may seem that not one thing has changed and the same old ache and pain are in your body. Be persistent to go after the pain by binding it in the name of Jesus and His power. Command it to be one in His Name and expect it to go. Make a demand on the promises of God and expect them to produce for you. Speak the Word out loud. “By his stripes I am healed” (I Petr 2:24) is a positive one. Speak it and believe it. Expect it to happen in the days ahead. O no confess anything negatively but speak what God say in His Word. “By his stripes I am healed” and don’t accept anything else. The power of God may work silently in you over a period of time and then one day you realize the pain has gone and you can do things you couldn’t do before. It was working in you quietly bringing about the desired result. Don’t discount the quiet but thank the Lord in the days when it looks as if nothing at all is happening. Keep in mind that the devil often makes things look worse in the critical time. The pain comes back and the symptoms seem worse. A doctor’s report looks worse than it does before. The devil is a master at making you run scared. Panic arises in our heart and fear looms heavy over us. That is the time when we have to stand with our feet firmly anchored on the promise of God and our eyes fixed fully on Jesus. Otherwise we will agree with what the devil is putting into our minds. An old song says, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.” Make a firm decision that you won’t step off of the rock Christ Jesus. The power of God is working in you today to drive out sickness and disease. Sickness and disease cannot stand up to His power and His Name. It may be a battle because it is warfare with the devils tactics but he has already been defeated. Know this from the beginning and don’t let anything cause you to waver. At this point the battle is either won or lost. Do you side with God or listen to what people tell you about it and give you advice on what they would do? Do you latch on to the latest pain and worry that this one is going to sink you? Sometimes we think we don’t have any choice in the matter but we can either go with what God says or go with what seems right and the logical advice of others. Scripture says when this happens to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (II Corinthians 10:5).

This means getting control over what you think about things. Do not let anything derail our faith. The power of God is working in you to drive out sickness and disease. Even if it takes a while to see it happen, let patience have her perfect work and it will.

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