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Summary: Following the leader is okay as long as you are following the right leader.

The Heart Of A True Leader

Nehemiah 1:1-11 (quickview) 

I. Introduction

Some men are "born" leaders and some men are "made" leaders. But few men are "true" leaders. Nehemiah was a true leader. As we look at the characteristics of Nehemiah that made him a true leader, let’s compare them to the True Leader, Jesus Christ.

II. A True Leader . . .

A. Responds to the Needs of Others (v. 4)

-- Jesus responded to the needs of others. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, saved the lost. Example: Mt. 9:36

B. Realizes the Need to Pray (v. 4)

-- Jesus realized His need to pray and spent much agony in the garden in prayer before He was crucified. (John 17 (quickview) ).

C. Recognizes the Character of God (v. 5)

-- Jesus recognized the Character of God. He was the first to instruct us to approach God as

"Our Father." (Mt. 6:9)

D. Relates to the People He Leads (v. 6)

-- Jesus related to the people He led by become a man. (John 1:14 (quickview) ; Eph. 2:8)

E. Remembers to Ask God’s Blessing (vs. 8 - 11)

-- Jesus remembered to ask God’s blessings. (John 12:27 (quickview) )

III. Conclusion

We do not have to be "born" leaders or "made" leaders as long as we follow the "true" leader -- Jesus.

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