Summary: We can know and have the heart of the Father.

The Heart of the Father June 21, 2009

1 John 3:1 Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!

If there is one thing that we should remember about Father’s Day, is our heavenly Father and His heart for people.

We can know the Heart of the Father, we can have the heart of the Father

I. The heart of the Father is for people:

1. The Whole World John 3:16

A. The lost…people like us.

B. Not willing that any should perish (not just some people)

C. No one is beyond the heart of God.

2. He is the Father who runs to his children

A. God searched for Adam in the Garden Gen 3:9

B. He runs to his lost sons and daughters Luke 15:20

C. God is still seeking and saving the lost. Luke 19:10

D. He is still running to you!

3. He is the Responsible Father: Creator - Savior

A. He is saving the world he created!

B. We are his children (We are responsible)

C. We need the Heart of the Father

REPEAT: Father, I belong to You

II. Jesus has the heart of the Father John 1:14

If you have seen me you have seen the Father John 14:7

…he emptied himself Philippian 2:7

1. He wept over Jerusalem Luke 19:41-44

2. He had compassion on the multitude Mt 9:36

3. He came from the bosom of the Father John 1:18

4. He left the glory of heaven for us!

John 14:6 One way to the Father

…the Heart of the Father…He gets personally involved in our mess!

III. Now we can have the heart of the Father in Christ

1. We are complete in Him Col 2:8-10 We are seated with Christ….

a. Because we belong to Him

b. Because we know we are loved by Him

c. Because we know Him… we can share His heart

I know whom I have believed in 2 Tim 1:12


Our Problem: “Sin goes way beyond disobedience. The deepest problem of sin is that it makes us incapable of knowing the Father…we cannot know the Father’s heart. It makes us so blind that it is impossible for us to see the Father’s face.” C. Baxter Kruger

2. We can stop living for love, and live in His love

a. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places.

b. Hug your children!

c. Love your dad.

IV. Conclusion: We can know the heart of the Father, that we belong to him, and love others because we are not living for love, but living in His love, in the heart of the Father.

1. Do we hear the sound of heaven…weeping for people?

2. Why should I share the Gospel? I know who I have believed

3. Who are we running to? Who are we weeping for?

We say “I give you my heart…” Maybe we should say, ”Give me your heart.”

Let my heart beat with the heartbeat of God…Let my heart be broken by what breaks his heart…

God is chasing you…will you come to Him?

You need a heart transplant - He wants to give you his heart!

Let him wrap his loving arms around you…and give you his heart

Prayer: Father, You love us! Give us your heart of love.

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