Summary: This message shows the gaps that are in the hedge or defense around the nation, based upon the gaps in the defenses around Jerusalem. This message shows the need for men and women of God to take a stand and call sin, sin.

The Hedge of God

Ezekiel 22.23-31 (text—30)

The main aspect of the ministry of Ezekiel was that of exposing the sins, the immorality, and the injustice of the people where he lived.

This is not a very enviable assignment for a servant of God.

We need Ezekiel’s today! We need men and women of God who will cry out as Ezekiel did, about the sin that is so prevalent today.

Preachers and teachers today that cry out against the sins of the people will not have an easy time of it either.

Just as Ezekiel did, these modern day heralds will be called pessimists and it will be said that they only look at the dark side of things.

Ezekiel was a realist, and he saw things as they really were, he faced the facts of his generation, and folks we must face the facts of our own generation.

Looking at the words of my text this morning, we see that God is doing something, and folks, He is doing the same thing today!

Do you know what He is doing? He is seeking! Now all of us know what that means.

We know what the shepherd does that loses one of a hundred sheep. He leaves the 99 and goes looking for the one.

According to the words of our text, God is seeking, but what is He seeking?

He is seeking a man or woman hat will stand for Him, who will take sides for Him, and who will represent Him!

I dare say that God is seeking YOU this morning.

Can you believe that? You better! Look at the words of the text again, and notice that when God seeks a man (a servant) He finds the person He wants.

He finds the person who is willing to be AVAILABLE for His purpose. He finds the man who is willing to be USED by Him.

But sometimes He does not find the man He wants.

The prophet showed that the city of Jerusalem was like a city whose walls were gapped up and broken.

In ancient times, a cities defenses were its walls, but the defenses of Jerusalem were broken and there were great gaps in the walls. The city was in danger.

The Prophet was not thinking about the material defenses of the city. He was talking about the real defenses of the nation.

The real defenses of any nation are not its walls or bars of iron, the real defenses of any nation are its morals, its justice, its righteousness, and its purity.

Not only are these things a defense for a nation, they are a defensive network for the church and the individual Christian.

The Bible tells us “Righteousness exalteth a nation, and sin is a reproach to any people.

A nation like America may have great wealth, but unless there are men and women who are pure in heart and clean in life and who fear God,

That nation’s defense is gapped and the nation is in great danger.

In other words the invincible hedge of any nation are not the walls, gates, guns, ships or armaments, but men and women who fear God and who are willing to live their lives on the line to glorify Him.

There are great gaps in the defenses of our nation today!

There are gaps today just as there were over 2600 years ago.

The United States prides itself that we are not nearly as bad as other nations, because we are a Christian nation.

Christian nation indeed! Does our country look very Christian to you?

It is a cesspool of sin and as such, there are great gaps in our defenses today.

Human nature hasn’t changed much in the last 2600 years. It is rotten to the core and will be until Jesus returns and sets up His eternal kingdom.

The Bible says that the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.

It is for this reason alone that we are at war and that there is international strife and upheavals and world chaos as we see every day!

What are the gaps that Ezekiel talked about? What are the gaps that are in our defenses today? They are the same!

Verse 2 calls them abominations—these are the things that are detestable in the eyes of God.

In verses 4-5, the gaps are said to be a reproach to the heathen and a mocking to all countries.

Think about it—Jerusalem, the Holy City is a reproach to other nations. What about America! What about our churches today?

America is a reproach to the whole world today. Everyone sees our lack of spirituality and the way we have forgotten God, the true founder of America.

We may not like these words in our politically correct society, but God never said for the Christian to be politically correct. He wants us to call sin what it is, SIN.

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