Summary: Jesus; the treasure beyond measure and the pearl of great price. How you’ve gotta buy the WHOLE field to have Him.

The hidden treasure and the pearl Mt 13:44-46 WBC 24/2//2pm


Parables!: A quote from Keith Allam:

"I initially thought how on earth am I going to get any meat out of this (study on parables) as we had already covered this in the previous study. Time was moving on and by Monday night I still hadn’t a clue, enter Tuesday lunch-time at work.

I had a late lunch (due to finishing outstanding work) hence I was taking my break as others were due their afternoon tea break. I was sitting there eating sandwiches reading Bible, study notes, cross references, anything just to get inspired.

When I decided that I would ask the others who would come shortly what they thought.

Na can’t do that, what would they think, trying to convert us are you, I came here for a break not a bible bashing!

Minutes ticked by...... shall I, ......shan’t i.

Others enter the canteen get coffees, teas and sit down.

So I tell about my situation with study content and ask if they would mind helping me, no hidden agenda promise--

’You know what regular church goers would say ... ’ been there, done that many times, got the T-shirt’ .

Well given agreement I read the passage and asked the question - Why did Jesus speak in parables ?

At first nothing, then one said ’ It’s about us.. seeds weather we listen ’, then another ’ Yeah its like the weeds and thorns are all the bad things that happen to you ’, ’ Cor I did that at Sunday school, yeh I remember .............. ’, ’Really now you say that it must be ah hum thirtyish years since I did that ’, ’ The good soil that’s like, well, when you do something about it, ’ ’ My nephew James he goes to the Welcome on Sundays, comes home with his little work sheet asking us all sorts of questions.’

There it was staring me right in the face, the reason He told parables was people would remember them. Duuurr !!

Even though these people hadn’t been to church other than weddings, christenings or funerals in 20 -30 even 40 years they could all recall the story. All the details, reasons and facts of theology didn’t mean a thing, but this parable did.

I left the canteen with a lively discussion about ’old Sunday school days’,’ how parables make it easier to understand’ and’ how I sign for the deaf at churches on ........’ .

Also we are just like the disciples, hearing, reading and sometimes seeing, things that others may never see but still missing the point.

We need to think ’ outside of the box ’ , we’re so wrapped up in self and what it means to me, that we miss everyone else."

they’re blooming marvellous, aren’t they?!

- 2 verses… and so much to get out of it

These parables:

- so much to say: about hidden treasure/searching for treasure… fields etc

… but one dominant theme: the joy of finding the treasure/pearl… and the giving up of everything to have it

 so I want to work up to that one point: the treasure, pearl… and leave you with that. With Jesus ringing in your ears.

But first:

The field

Now notice: the field is not the focus… the source of joy… main point, here

- yes, he sells everything to buy the field (and that’s important in itself)- but it’s the treasure/pearl he wants

What is the field?

- it’s what you find the KOG… ie experience Jesus & His rule in

 simplifying: it’s what… whatever you find Jesus in

 what did you find Jesus in?

 well- it’s

- the people around you… who you saw Jesus in. Your Xian friends… the community of believers

- the word of God  that you saw Him in and thought ‘I’ve gotta have this’

- and when you got it you were willing to give up everything to keep Him

- the church that introduced you to Jesus. Where you first saw Him


Well- this is a sermon in itself!

Note; these things are not the treasure/pearl… object

- the Bible is not the object. We are not Bibliolaters. We don’t worship the Bible

- some actually come close to it! Many of us are searching for ‘certainty’, security, dogma

- so, if ‘reason’ is your greatest dogma, you become a ‘liberal’.

- Reason can become your ‘idol’, ‘object’, focus, dogma

- There is a place for reason. I believe in it (= why I relate to liberals)

- If “the Bible” is your greatest dogma, you become a certain kind of evangelical

- “The Bible! The Bible” becomes you focus and your chant, dogma, certainty. You mention “TRUTH!” a lot

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