Summary: The role of the deacons

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I. A Deacon’s Distinctive Qualities (vs. 8-9, 11-12)

1. A man of good moral character (v.8)

- Illustration of honest deacon # 2

A. They are to be men of good moral character (v.8a)

- To be “reverent” carries the idea do someone’s character that is “honorable” and “respectable” and is worth imitating by others.

B. They are to be men of their word (v.8b)

- The word “double-tongued” carries the idea of speaking one thing and meaning another, “hypocritical”, “insincere” being deceitful.

C. They are to be men of sobriety (v.8c)

- They are men who are not preoccupied with drinking alcohol, nor do they allow it to influence their lives.

D. They are to be men of honesty (v.8d)

- They should be someone who is honest and who you can trust.

2. A man of God’s Word (v.9)

A. They are men who know God’s Word (v.9a)

B. They are men who live by God’s Word (v.9b)

3. A Family Man (vs. 11-12)

A. They are to be faithful husbands (v.12a)

B. They are to be faithful fathers (v.12b)

C. They are to be leaders in their homes (v.12c)

D. They are to have godly wives (v.11)

II. A Deacons Testing (v.10)

1. They have demonstrated a consistency in their walk (v.10a)

A. The word “test” carries the idea of testing metal to see if it is genuine.

B. A church body is to have watched the lives of those who might become deacons to see how they conduct themselves to see if they are genuine deacon material.

2. They have been found worthy to serve in the office. (v.10b)

III. A faithful Deacon’s reward (v.13)

- Illustration of faithful deacon # 3

1. They will be highly respected by others (v.13a)

2. They will grow greatly in their faith (v.13b)

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