Summary: The role of deacons

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I. The purpose of having Deacons. (vs. 1-2,4)

1. To minister to the physical needs of the church. (vs. 1-2b)

A. The word “deacon” comes from the Greek word “diakonos” which carries the idea of serving as a helper, or servant/

B. The early church in Jerusalem did not need more leaders, they needed more servants to meet the physical needs of the church body.

2. To enable the pastoral ministry of the church to be carried out. (vs. 4)

-illustration of deacons and lights

II. The process of Selecting the Deacons (vs. 3, 5-6)

1. The church body’s role

A. To act responsively - to seek out

B. To look for those who were qualified (vs.3)

- They are to be Christian (illustr. “they do not know you)

- They are to be men

- They are to be well known among the church for their Christian character (illust “deacon faithfulness”)

C. To present only those who are qualified –“set before” (vs. 5-6)

2. The pastoral role

A. To determine the amount of deacons required (vs. 3)

B. To affirm the choices by ordaining them (vs. 6)

C. To assign the task to be done by the deacons (vs. 3)

III. The price of having Biblical Deacons. (vs.7)

1. The complaining stopped.

2. The pastoral ministry of the church was focused on where it needed to be, and the result was:

A. The word of God spread

B. People accepted Christ as their Savior

C. People became obedient to the Word.

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