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(1). The Day of Pentecost (vs 1a)

(2). The Coming of the Spirit (vs 2-4)

(3). The Reaction of the Crowd (vs 5-13)



• Many of you know I like to drink the black nectar.

• A good cup of coffee is one of life’s pleasurers!

• And I agree with the person who tongue-in-cheek said,

• “Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin”.

• As a connoisseur of coffee, I have to say that,

• I am not a fan of Starbucks, they are my least favourite coffee chain,

• And I only go there in emergency situations when no other option is available.

• But I read this week that in the USA Starbucks have done something slightly different,

• Since 2012 the coffee company has built 45 mini cafes.

• These mini cafes are built out of shipping containers.

• These tiny Starbucks stores have a much smaller environmental footprint,

• Then their traditional cafes, taking less water and energy to operate.

• Now the line in the article that got may attention was this one,

• They say the containers are “reclaimed, refurnished, renewed and revived.”

• That sounds to me like what God does for a person,

• When they are converted and come to real faith in Jesus Christ!

• “Reclaimed, refurnished, renewed and revived.”

• TRANSITION: In Acts chapter 2,

• These “Reclaimed, refurnished” disciples needed also to be “renewed and revived.”

• That would take more than just good teaching, more than just meeting together.

• They need the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

• To change them from the inside out! To bring lasting transformation.

Quote: Tim Downs

“Watches, cars and Christians can all look chromed and shiny.

But watches don't tick, cars don't go, and Christians don't make a difference without insides.

For a Christian, that's the Holy Spirit”.

• So, for these “Reclaimed, refurnished” disciples to be “renewed and revived.”

• They must wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Note: Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

• John in his gospel spends three chapters (John chapters 14-16),

• Recording the teaching of Jesus regarding the Holy Spirit’s role in the life of the believer.

• Remember that up to this point the disciples had only seen the Holy Spirit externally.

• But at Pentecost they would experience him internally.

• e.g., Jesus told them; “He will be in you”.

• The second chapter in the book of Acts is the fulfilment of the promise Jesus made.

• When he promised that ‘another helper’ (‘The Spirit of truth’) would come.

• In Acts chapter 1 verses 5 & 8a,

• Jesus once again repeats his promise regarding this ‘helper’ the Holy Spirit,

• And here in Acts chapter 2 verses 1-13 – on the first Pentecost Sunday,

• He kept his promise!

Now don’t forget that this is not merely a history lesson,

• Because every Christian is still living in the good of those events today!

• Whenever a person comes to faith in Jesus Christ,

• At the moment of their conversion,

• The Holy Spirit baptises them into the Church, the family of God!

• The New Testament teaches elsewhere that,

• God enters their life via the Holy Spirit who seals them and marks them out.

• e.g., Ephesians chapter 1 verse 13.

“And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,”

• At our conversion every believer is not only sealed with the Holy Spirit,

• But also united into the one body, the Church of Jesus Christ.

• e.g., 1 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 13.

“For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body--whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free--and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.”

• In our passage this morning we have the birth of the Church.

• The events in this chapter describe how the Church was born.

• So, we are right back at the beginning of the Christian movement.

(1). The Day of Pentecost (vs 1a)

“When the day of Pentecost came…”


• Some dates are very well known:

• No-one ever forgets December 25th - Christmas day.

• Or November 5th - Bonfire Night.

• And of course, February 14th – Valentine’s Day.

• Some days ought to be well known but sadly are not:

• April 23rd - St. George’s Day.

• (we English must keep the flag flying high if even if St George was Spanish!)

• July 16th - My Birthday!

• (No cheques just cash please!)

TRANSITION: Pentecost was a date fixed in the Jewish diary.

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