Summary: This final part of the 9-part series examines various ways we can set ourselves in opposition to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit's role as intercessor, and the vitally important question, "How can I know that I have the Holy Spirit in me?"

This nine-part series was originally developed for a class environment, and later adapted for use in a prison ministry conducted via correspondence. Because of that background, questions were developed for each lesson for participants to use in a setting conducive to discussion, or as handouts for private use if the lessons are presented as sermons. At the beginning of each part of the series, I will include the outline of the series.


Part 1

Introduction, Holy Spirit as deity

Names of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Part 2

Holy Spirit in the NT (apostles to receive power)

Gabriel’s message to Mary

Foreseen by NT characters—Jesus, John

What we learn from Jesus in John 14,16

The coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost

Baptism in, or by, the Holy Spirit

Baptism of believers

Part 3

If I do not go away the Holy Spirit will not come

Men received and were dependent on the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a Guarantee

Grieving the Holy Spirit

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Being Filled With the Spirit

Part 4

The Holy Spirit in the Functioning of the church (first installment)

(1 Cor 12; Rom 12; Eph 4)

Gifts of the Spirit

The Head

Grace as Gifts (did not delve into each of the gifts, or special aptitudes, given by the Holy Spirit)

Functions “God Has Appointed”


Part 5

The empowering gifts of the Holy Spirit

Bestowing honor upon less “presentable” members

Order of functions (First apostles, second prophets, third teachers) Teachers discussed in Part 6

Part 6


First apostles, second prophets, third teachers.

Part 7

Ministries of the Holy Spirit

Are the Bible and the Holy Spirit the same?

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Part 8

Fruit of the Spirit

The Spirit vs the Flesh

Attributes of the Holy Spirit

Part 9

Acting in opposition to the Holy Spirit

• Lying to the Holy Spirit

• Resisting the Holy Spirit

• Quenching the Holy Spirit

• Grieving the Holy Spirit

• Defiling the Temple of the Holy Spirit

• Insulting the Spirit of Grace (doing despite)

Intercessor (though mentioned previously)

How Can I Know if I Have the Holy Spirit?

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Part 9

In this part we will examine scriptures that reveal various ways by which we may set ourselves in opposition to the Holy Spirit. Then we will consider the Holy Spirit’s role as the intercessor; and finally, to conclude this series of studies, we will consider the very important question, “How can I know if I have the Holy Spirit within me?”

Acting in Opposition to the Holy Spirit

The scriptures show several ways in which we may set ourselves at cross purposes with the Holy Spirit. This is a very serious matter, for in so doing we set ourselves against the Godhead, as was seen in earlier lessons. There is no conflict in purposes between the identities in the Godhead. They are in perfect unity in thought, purpose, and action. So to place ourselves in opposition to the Holy Spirit’s work within us places us on the wrong side of God’s work in the world as well as the saving work of Jesus Christ himself, whose principal purpose in coming was that the world should be saved. It is deadly for us to be in that position.

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is one way we may be in opposition to him; however, since blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was discussed in detail in Part 7, we will not repeat it here.

Other ways of being in opposition to the Holy Spirit are:

Lying to the Holy Spirit

This is the first sin of which we have a record in the early church. In Acts 5:1-11 Ananias and Sapphira conspired with one another to deceive the apostles and cause them to think that they were giving all of their possessions to the relieving of those in the church who were needy. Peter asked, "Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep back for yourself part of the proceeds of the land?” And later, he said, “You have not lied to man but to God.” Lying to the Holy Spirit is exactly the same as lying to God. Their deception cost them their lives, for on that same day they were dead and buried.

We need to remember the penalty they paid for such a sin. If we try to play mind games with God, he knows, and we always lose. As Paul wrote to the churches in Galatia,

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