Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon proves that the Holy Spirit is God, sent by Jesus, and lives within every Christian (acknowledgement Dr. Henry Schorr, Centre Street Church)

o Good morning. For those who are new here welcome to Calvary

o o The church is not a place to come to but a place to belong to

o Were in a series called what we believe

o What it is Christians believe about God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit

o Over the next several weeks were going to look at the Holy Spirit

o o A few years ago I had the privilege to speak to my extended family at my dad’s funeral

o At the time I had not lived in Windsor for thirty years

o I had not given much thought to how big the extended family was

o I really had almost forgot that I have 35 first cousins

o At the funeral message there were about 100 people in the room

o It was a serious message

o My nephew said why does Uncle Randy always go for the jugular

o But I believe it was suitable for the occasion

o More importantly I sensed the Holy Spirit calling me to give a straight forward salvation message

o Just a story about why I believed my dad was now in heaven

o Now I had never given a message to my entire family

o When you give the family that type of message your attacked

o I was attacked by a tremendous darkness (forces of wickedness)

o I felt incompetent and fearful to deliver such a message

o It would have been easier to give a message on love and kindness

o That message would not have been a lie because my dad was a kind and loving man

o What if I had not correctly heard the Holy Spirit that night?

o I started out by telling them about the late faith of my dad who at 72 turned his heart to Christ

o Once I started speaking the fear was lifted, words flowed off the page, and hearts were changed that evening for all eternity

o I felt unusual liberty

o At the conclusion I clearly showed them from Romans how believing in Jesus would give eternal life

o As the message’s conclusion my cousin beckoned me to come to the glass door and have a look outside

o Peggy pointed to the most spectacular double rainbow I have ever seen

o It was a sign and confirmation of God speaking through his word and nature

o That night my niece and her husband Sheri and Dennis gave their hearts to Jesus

o What if I had not been led by the Holy Spirit to deliver that message?

o I may have never known the joy of seeing their lives transformed and hearing their testimonies

o Sheri and Dennis had lost it all

o This was their second marriage

o Their children, 12 and 10, were in foster care

o The bank had repossessed their home

o They were alcoholics

o They were cocaine drug addicts

o They were gamblers

o Their marriage was finished

o Recently I sent an email to Sheri asking her how they were doing spiritually

o Here is how she responded

o It only gets better. 2007 was a very blessed year for my family and I.

o We continue to grow stronger and stronger in our faith.

o We don’t worry too much about what will happen next, we know it’s in God’s loving hands.

o We know he will provide. We know because he promised. He always comes through, gets us through. He has a plan, we just follow.

o We just had dinner with Pastor Glenn and Wendy and asked them if we could start another Bible Study

o God is very addictive once you get to know him, and we’re just not getting enough.

o The kids are doing wonderful. Michelle graduated college with honors and is working as a medical office assistant for Dr. Yee on Walker Rd. Not yet a Christian, but loves that I am and Jacob, her son, and I pray to Jesus every night he’s here.

o My grandson spends a lot of time here and our favorite time is when he goes to bed and we pray. He’s so awesome. He’s 3.75 years old and loves Jesus!

o Sami is growing up! She’s 15 going on 35. She was smoking, but through prayer, has not smoked now for 30 days. Praise God! Her faith gets stronger all the time. It’s so wonderful.

o Denis and I are more in love than ever. He’s my best friend and I his. It just gets better and better. Sometimes he needs a tune up, but, for the most part, he’s pretty darn awesome.

o God bless and keep you. Sheri.

o I believe in the Holy Spirit

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