Summary: There is only one way to true happiness, joy, love, peace, and is the Holy, Heavenly Highway!

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The Holy Way

Scripture: Isaiah 35:4-10

When I read today’s Old Testament Lesson on Wednesday, the day I set aside to prepare my sermons, many images came to my mind…the most obvious was the Wizard of Oz.

I pictured the “Yellow Brick Road” that Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Lion, the Scarecrow, and Toto ventured out on to try and find their “Treasures in life”.

Those treasures were a heart, a brain, courage, and the comforts and familiarity of those we know and love.

Along that road to Oz came several obstacles…the biggest of course, was the wicked witch of the west.

There will be wicked witches we encounter along the roads we travel on our journeys through life.

How many people do you know that would love to steal your happiness?

How many people do you know that are jealous of the success of others?

How many people do you know that would love to stick a monkey wrench in a perfect plan?

Those wicked witches won’t be allowed on the Heavenly Highway.

The Holy Heavenly Highway is reserved only for the righteous.

I love driving in California.

If you have more than 1 person in your car, you can drive in the lane reserved for multiple passengers which has much less traffic on than the congested single passenger car lanes.

I also love my Easy Pass.

I only got it because driving home from our shut-ins can be very dangerous, trying to get on the turnpike and crossing fast moving traffic.

Now, when I go to visit my mom and dad in Reading, I just zip through the Easy Pass lane as John and I watch most of the others cars sitting in a traffic jam.

The Holy Heavenly Highway will be like Easy Pass in a sense.

The trials, the struggles, the temptations, the problems, the traffic jams in our lives won’t be permitted on the Holy Way.

No tears, no back stabbers, no depression, no illness, no disease, no suffering, nothing to steal our joy.

Isaiah tells us that even the desert shall rejoice and blossom.

If you’re alive, you’ve probably had a dry desert experience.

Some people attribute these times to bad biorhythms.

For some families here, the dry desert experience can be taking care of loved ones that are not able to care for themselves.

For some families, it may be the difficult decision of having to put a loved one in a nursing home.

For some families, it is the loss of a loved one, or seeing a loved one enter into the final stages of life.

For some families, it is the horror of knowing their loved one will spend Christmas in prison.

For some families it will be not being able to buy Christmas presents for their children or grandchildren.

No matter how wonderful our lives may be at times, we all experience the dry desert.

It is a part of life.

But no matter how disappointed we may get, when we know the Savior Who Is Coming, we know that we are headed to a heavenly highway made of gold.

Some people have chosen the “low-way” in life.

The low way may bring temporary fame, fortune, and pleasures.

An attractive 20 year old prostitute can probably earn at least $100,000 a year.

But when that life style takes its toll, in the form of disillusionment and disappointment, no amount of money can satisfy the longing desire for a meaningful, loving, caring relationship.

The high way is one which leads to contentment.

It is not filled with the roller coaster ride of the low way which brings temporary ecstatic excitement followed by major feelings of rejection and entrapment.

The high way is one of harmony and peace where the major “highs” come from the appreciation of life itself.

On the high way, I can watch a sunset without the feel of needing an expensive fix and not knowing where the money will come from.

On the high way, I can climb a mountain instead of being chased by a gang.

On the high way, I can get more enjoyment watching a hummingbird derive nectar from a flower than I can from watching an X-rated movie.

On the low way, there are entrapments….addictions…the feeling of never having enough.

I’m sure you know at least one person who has traveled the low way.

Just one more business deal, just one more vacation home, just one more classic car, just one more diamond necklace, just one more boyfriend, just one more girlfriend.

The “one mores” just bring more desire for one mores that never satisfy and never satiate.

As I travel the High Way, my “one mores” consist of one more kiss for my mother, one more hug for my husband, one more phone call to a friend, one more letter of encouragement, one more card of appreciation.

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