Summary: (Devotional Series 8/50)What a home for the child to grow up in! In this study, we can learn something about the portrait of God-centered home and child.


Judges 13:15-25

Devotional Series

I. Portrait of God-centered home.

What a home for the child to grow up in! Imagine:

A. Its Unity - the whole story shows the lovely spirit existed between Manoah and his wife; they discussed everything together and served the Lord together.

B. Its Hospitality - They gave credit to others, not criticism (17)

C. Its Worship - The whole family joined in honoring the Lord (20)

D. Its Faith - The Lord’s Word and the Lord’s goodness were utterly trusted (17, 23)

No wonder God chose this family as a home for his special servant!

II. Portrait of a God-centered child.

The careful upbringing his parents gave him began to bear fruit even during Samson’s childhood. We see him:

A. Growing in body (24) - good food and exercise did their work.

B. Growing in knowledge (24) - especially knowledge of the Lord.

C. Growing in experience (25) - finding more and more of God’s Spirit at work in his life.

Prayer: Lord, may we give a good start to the next generation by faithful, balanced Christian homes.

Keynote: Like father, like son

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