Summary: A sermon that brings the salvation message home, preached as a memorial service to one of our elderly Christian soldiers.


This morning we are come together as a church family to worship the Lord. We have sung praises to Jesus, the One who died on the cross, that we may have eternal life. This week has been a hard week for many of those present to endure. As one member has said, “the devil has really been roaring”.

First there came the news that one of our families was finally going to arrive home from the hospitals in west Texas to begin their long recovery from an automobile accident. I’m happy to say that, in time, the healing power of God will allow them to return to a normal life without any long-term debilitating injuries. We thank God for his faithfulness in protecting Bro. Ralph, Sis. Cassandra and little Helena.

Helena has been such a soldier. Even though there have been a number of people from the church and family who have done all they can to help, it has been Helena who has had to assume some responsibilities for helping her mom and dad that most children never have to do. She has been a wonderful blessing to her family.

It was hard enough that they had to endure their painful injuries but Satan roared again and Sis. Hitchcock had to be admitted to the hospital on Wednesday when she began to experience a lot of pain. The doctors did all that medical science can do but, sadly, she passed from this life to the next on Friday morning at about 9:30 AM. Today she is finally at peace. Today she is no longer suffering. Today she is no longer carrying the burden for her children and her husband.

The family will miss her greatly. After 57 years of marriage, Bro. Hitchcock must now face life without her and it will not be easy. Time will ease the grief some but the wonderful memories of their life together will, and should, remain forever.

As a memorial to her life I want to dedicate this service and this message to Sis. Geraldine Hitchcock, to her family and friends, and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have no doubt that if Sis. Hitchcock were with us this morning that she would be telling me, don’t preach about me, tell people about Jesus. Her life was a shining example of faith, trust, hope and love that are all fruits that we should bear as Children of God.

Sis. Hitchcock always manifested the love of God and she was quick to tell you of her faith in Him and of all the times that Jesus healed her body.

She cheated Satan out of the satisfaction of her death several times and even when the doctors would say that she would not live, she would remain defiant and come back to the battle one more time.

Last Thursday evening I went to see her in the ICU Ward. She was having a rough time concentrating but for one brief moment we were able to communicate as I prayed with her and talked with her. As we spoke I told her that she would be all right and that she was going to be with us in church again.

Well, Sis. Hitchcock, you are in church right now. You’re in the greatest worship service that could ever be. You’re walking and taking with Jesus and with all your family who have gone on before. You are in the place where all of us long to be and there is not one of us, not even Bro. Hitchcock, who would want to call you back to live in this world of sickness, sin and death.

We rejoice this morning for we know that our dear sister is in Heaven’s realms and that she has experienced her “Coronation Day”! She has heard those words, “Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of your Lord”. My, what a happy time she is having right now.

While we will grieve for our own loss, and we will be saddened by your absence (and that’s as it should be), we rejoice with her and we praise God for giving us the hope of eternal life. How sad would this day be if she had not served and known Jesus as her Savior and Lord?

Because Jesus lives we have a great hope this morning. Because Jesus died and rose again, we know that we will rise again when this life is over. They may lay this body of clay into a casket and lower it into a temporary grave, but one day soon, this body will be raised in power, changed into a glorious body like that of Jesus, and be reunited with the spirit that is now in the heavenly realms and then all of us, both living and resurrected dead, will go to meet the Lord in the air.

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