Summary: Were there only 3 periods of miracles?

The Hope for the Church

Judges 6.13

Truth vs. Experience

Problem #1: There can be no valid Christian doctrine without experience

Problem #2: The Scriptures themselves validate personal encounters with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

* Eph.2.1

* Phil. 3.10

Problem #3: Evangelical tradition and theories are often lifted higher than Scripture.

* Acts 1.8

* Mark 16.17-18

Were There Only Three Periods of Miracles?

(Pics of John Calvin, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli)

Period One: Moses to Joshua

Period Two: Elijah & Elisha

Period Three: Jesus & the Apostles

Miracles in the Old Testament

* Miracle of creation (Gen. 1)

* Rapture of Enoch (Gen. 5.24)

* The Flood (Gen. 6-8)

* The Babel Experiences (Gen. 11)

* The call of Abram (Gen. 12.1-3)

* Abram’s trance, the smoking fire pot, and the blazing torch (Gen. 15)

* An angel appears to Hagar (Gen. 16.7)

* The destruction of Sodom (Gen. 19)

* Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt (Gen. 19)

* Miraculous birth of Isaac (Gen. 21)

* The angel preventing Abraham killing Isaac (Gen. 22)

Did Miracles Cease with the Apostles?

Those who believe this base their thinking on these points:

* Miracles happen purely to validate new doctrine.

* Miracles happen only at times when God is inspiring Scripture.

* Those who believe in supernatural power and gifts today are accused of elevating their experiences to a level equal with the inspired Scriptures.

Pic of B.B. Warfield

1 Cor. 2.14

The Bible Annihilates Cessationism

1 Cor. 1.4-8; 13.8-13

Acts 2.38-39

Acts 8.14-17

Acts 19.44-48

Acts 15.8-9, 12

Acts 19.1-7

Acts 19.11-12

2 Tim. 3.16

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