Summary: God is our shepherd and He will provide for us

A Story of Provision

Psalm 23

June 17, 2001

I. God is our Shepherd

A. We are the sheep of God

1. The qualities of sheep

a.) We belong to God – He has bought us with a price

b.) There is no mistaking the fact that we are not our own. Everything we are and everything we have is because of God

2. The shepherd is a leader

a.) God will be our guide throughout life and our leader throughout life

b.) He will lead us where He wants us to go

B. He will care for us

1. God is our shepherd

a.) The shepherd was to care for his flock and God will care for His people

b.) He will guide us where He wants us to go

c.) How does God care for us?

1.) God offers us His love and friendship

2.) God offers us forgiveness and eternal life

3.) God offers us direction for daily living

2. The best care anywhere

a.) The sign for the 4077 unit on MASH

b.) God’s care is the best care anywhere

c.) God will bring total and complete contentment

C. He will provide more abundantly

1. God gives with an abundance

a.) God will lead us to green pastures and quiet waters

b.) God provides two key things for His people

1.) The requirements for life

2.) The restfulness of life

2. God gives us the very best

a.) Not only basic provision but the best provision

b.) More than what we deserve

c.) God loves us and provides abundantly

D. He will protect Completely

1. God’s power is complete and unmatched

a.) God carries a big stick

b.) God will protect us because we are His sheep

2. God is the source of our protection

a.) He will club down the wild situations we go through in life

b.) He will pull us back in when we begin to stray

II. God is our Host

A. He will make a fullness of Provision

1. God is a gracious host

a.) He doesn’t give scraps but a full banquet

b.) He gives victory in midst of enemies and adversity

2. God brings us a fullness of blessing

a.) He anoints us for His glory

b.) He fills our cup and allows it to overflow

B. He will bring fullness of blessing

1. God is bountiful with his blessing

a.) God gives us blessings that last a lifetime

b.) God offers us His goodness and love everyday

2. God blesses us each new day

a.) The simple fact that we have been given another day to live is a blessing

b.) This is a full life that God is an active part of

c.) God wants to bless us and be a part of our life

C. He will bring fullness of presence

1. God’s people can dwell with Him

a.) God gives us a place to dwell with Him

b.) Our victory comes from no other source except God

2. He gives us a protection and a provision like no other

III. God gave us the best Shepherd

A. The Good Shepherd

Jesus cares for His flock

He sacrificed Himself for us

B. The Great Shepherd

Jesus is the model for life

Jesus is our model for ministry

C. The Chief Shepherd:

Jesus is the Head of all Shepherds and His work will

do done by His people

The best source of care and love for God’s people

He cares for every person and every individual

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