3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon about the enemies worth fighting: division, defeat, discouragement and distraction.

VIDEO: Wing Clips, "Got to Try", and Hulk vs. Abomination


* Bruce has found a way to control the rage that turns him into the Hulk

* His dreams are about to come true. He is going to marry the girl of his dreams

* But there is an enemy (Abomination) (explain)

* Who is on the loose and destroying innocent lives

* Bruce makes a choice to fight

Today's message comes with a warning it's a bit aggressive

* We have too many fair weathered saints

* Sometimes we need to fight

Like Joshua

* In the valley

* Drew his sword at an angel

* You show me a man who has lost his fight...

* ...I'll show you a man that has been beat and beat down...

o In the board room

o In the bed room

o On the battle ground

* David is facing the fight of his life

* You may misunderstand David's soft side...

o ...crying/singing/poetry/worship

* But I submit it was his worship...

* That enabled him to war

* A mighty warrior

* Champions may lose some battles...

o ...but they never stop fighting

o ...mighty warriors

o ...might get beat

o ...but you keep coming back

* Been beat in the church...

o The family

o Your vision

o Your life

* But it's not time to be defeated

* It's time to recover all

* The Devil always tries to kill the vision

* Killing men

* Killing the seed giver

* Then, there won't be a harvest

* You haven't lived until you've lost a battle

* You won't pray and praise and prioritize and seek power until you run up against something you can't beat

* Everybody has something that kicks the wind out of them

* David was out fighting one battle...

o ...and he was losing another!

* David's men reaped his benefits and his enemies

* David came home tired - - - we have tired people

* Bad news is never good...

* But, when you're tired it's worse:

o Pastor Failure

o Pastor @ Plymouth Church of Christ

o Anthony Clark

o Tim Roeske

o Trey Moldovan

Enemy wants to defeat by:


a. 2 vision

b. Kills vision

c. A house divided against itself will not stand

d. While you're not looking, he will divide you

e. David could have come home tired

f. And everything would have been fine

* But they were divided

o The women were in one place

o The men were in another

* Anytime the man is in one place

* The woman in another...

* It's a door for the Devil


* He was defeated because they were divided

* You can be defeated

* When you're not divided

* Now the Defeater

* Is on the verge of defeat

* To someone who is used to winning

* It's hard to lose

* Wondering...

* ...do you still have what it takes

* The worst thing about a man crying is that it usually comes without tears

* And no one notices he is on the verge of defeat

* This on top of everything...

* His own men turn against him

* Feelings of being all alone...

o Who do I trust

o Who do I call

o Who will listen

o I've been there for everyone

o But, where is everyone for me!


* Discouragement will make a mighty man

o Look like a weak man

o Sound like a weak man

o Talk like a weak man

* He's at the end of his rope

* And he can't tell anybody

* And, they are still wanting answers

* Discouraged - - - he lost his courage

„X - - - he's tired of encouraging everyone

* It's hard to tell when a man is discouraged

o His wife is gone

o She's distant

o He's discouraged

o It's a recipe for destruction


* Defined: Extreme emotional or mental disturbance

Diverts attention or focus


1. Prayer

* The first thing David did was inquire of the Lord

* I know you would rather have...

* ...a new answer

* ...a slick idea

* ...a fresh revelation

* ...a magic tool

* But some things you're only going to get...

* Some things you will only recover...

* Some family will only get saved...

* Some shackles will only fall off...

* Through >>>>>> Prayer

* The only language the Devil understands...

* ... not talking

* ... not crying

* ...not complaining

* ...not bargaining

* >>>>>>> it's prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Listen, we need not only praying women

* It's time to have some praying men

* I would like to have some men, like Bill Burger stop at the Prayer Gate on their way to work

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