Summary: Category 4 Hurricane Dorian is headed straight for us!

Weekend Message/Devotion

August 31, 2019

The Hurricane Cometh

John 3:8

Sermon Prayer: “Heavenly Father, I stand before Your people, to deliver Your message. Though the words are mine and I prepared this message, I pray that this message is Your message in its entirety. I pray your blessing and anointing on the message, its delivery, its reception - and most of all, its application in our lives.” Amen

Weekend Message/Devotion

"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit." John 3:8 NIV

Over the last couple of days, we have seen Dorian increase from a category 1 to now a category 4 hurricane. Edna and I have experienced several severe hurricanes over the years from ANDREW in Miami, GEORGES in the Dominican Republic to IRENE in Vermont. I believe that qualifies me to speak from experience. However, the experience that I choose to share with you today has more to do with the SPIRITUAL WIND than the winds of nature.

In Miami, we PRAYED for minimal impact. In that category 5 hurricane, the total amount of damage to our home was the loss of six shingles. We did lose one hundred per cent of our restaurant and catering business just a few blocks up the road. As many of you know, that is the circumstance that led us into the ministry.

In the Dominican Republic as Hurricane Georges was headed directly for us, we sent out a worldwide request for prayer. That hurricane came right toward our village, where as many as could fit in, gathered for safety in the church. In a most unbelievable event, that hurricane swept in and literally split with one half passing to our West and the other half to our East. It consolidated just North of us and continued on, burying entire villages in mudslides. The church floor was concrete and always had a film of dust until it was tiled, later on. With the windows opened, there was not a single drop of water inside the church. yet we saw the rains being blown so hard that the rain was horizontal to the ground as it passed by.

In Vermont, Hurricane Irene just swept in during the wee hours of the morning and caught many of us off-guard. It washed out all roads to and from our town, Pittsfield. All roads in and out of town were washed out.Power poles were down everywhere. We were as isolated as if an island. No one was physically injured. Property damage was a different story and very extensive. We began a fund to help with property losses, raising close to $200,000.00. We quickly dispersed every penny of that money to families who lost homes, vehicles, and all forms of property damage. FEMA relief didn't come for several months and in some cases, not at all.

The message that I want to impart goes back to the bible verse quoted at the start. The Wind referred to in this reading is often used in the bible as a symbol for The Holy Spirit.

We know that God is omnipresent (He is present everywhere - all the time). We only experience His presence when we are in relationship with Him (in prayer, praise, worship, submission)

The WIND (Holy Spirit) manifests at His WILL, not ours. As we pray, let us pray to God with reverence and compassion. Let our prayers be for others as much as for ourselves.

NOTHING is impossible for God, NOTHING! We are praying that Hurricane Dorian will be turned out to sea, not making landfall at all. We are praying that God's perfect will be done and His mercy and grace will bless us. That being said, in any event, whether the hurricane hits us head on with a mighty wrath or whether it does turn and go out to sea, our praise, thanksgiving and relationship must not quiver or alter.

"Lord God, we pray that you will divert Hurricane Dorian out to sea without any landfall and the side effects of the winds and rains be minimized. We pray that no one suffers loss of life, serious injury and a minimum of property loss. We pray Lord that any diversion of the storm from us not be turned upon any others. All of this we ask in the name of your PERFECT SON, JESUS THE CHRIST." AMEN

Let us now go forth to LOVE and SERVE God by loving and serving each other – ALL OTHERS!

Let us pray.

I humbly and sincerely ask for your prayers![HG1]

Note: It is the practice of this church to preach straight from the bible. We follow the lectionary assigned readings from which the sermon/messages are derived.


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