Summary: When Jesus says “I will” we may know that it will surely be done.


John 16:7

INTRO: Sometime ago one businessman said this about another one: “His word is as good as his bond.” It is fine when men can say this of you. Another businessman had as his motto the words, “I always do what I say I will do.” We cannot say this of many men for they often disappoint us. They make their promises and never keep them. They give their word and never make it good. But there is One upon whose Word you can always depend–Jesus. When Jesus says “I will” we may know that it will surely be done. He has promised certain things to us in the Bible. He has done some of them already. He is doing others now, and He will do some in the future. Let us think about the “I will’s” of Jesus.


This is the promise of reception for sinners. Jesus is simply saying that no matter who you are or what your sins are like, nor how far you have gone from God, if you will simply come to Jesus, He will not cast you out. If you try to join certain clubs you must have a certain amount of money. If you wish to join a certain lodge they may “black-ball” you. If you would like to become a member of a certain civic organization they may have no room for you. But Jesus makes no such restrictions. His only requirement is that you are to leave your sin in true repentance and follow Him.


Jesus asked the disciples one day the question: “Who do you say that I am?” One of them replied, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.” Then Jesus said, “Upon this rock....” Christ has been building that church ever since. Every time a man comes and trusts in Him, he is added to the Church.

What did Christ mean by the gates of hell? He was speaking of all the powers of evil in this world. These powers have been blasting at the Church through the centuries but it stands just as strong as ever. The Church stands today because it offers what no other institution can offer. The Church offers forgiveness of sin to the sinful soul; it offers peace of heart to the troubled; it offers strength to the weak for every mile of the way; it offers blessed hope for the life to come.

There are other good agencies in the world, but the Church is peculiarly Christ’s own. My fear is that many church members are giving too much time to man-made institutions and not enough time and effort to the only institution which Christ founded and through which He promises to do His work–the Church.


Jesus is leaving His disciples. He has told them of His death. He looked on their sorrowful faces. With great compassion He tells them of the coming Holy Spirit. They prayed for ten days and on Pentecost the Spirit came to them, and has been in the lives of true believers ever since. What is the Spirit’s work on earth?

1. He Convicts of Sin–A man goes on day after day with sin in his life unaware of it without the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

2. Guides the Christian–There are many crossroads in life and we know not which ones to take. We don’t have to go by chance. The Holy Spirit will guide us.

3. Comforts the Bereaved –Jesus called Him the Comforter.

4. Helps us to Understand the Bible–We try to read the Bible by our own dim intelligence, and its pages have little meaning for us; but when we turn on the light of God’s Holy Spirit, those deep truths are brightly illuminated and we understand it better.

5. Inspires and Empowers Us for Service –He brings fruit into our lives. When we try to serve in our own strength we can do nothing. IV. THE “I WILL” OF CONSTANT COMPANIONSHIP (Matthew 28:20).

Jesus had risen from the dead. Forty days He had been upon the earth and now He is going back to the Father’s home. He gives to His disciples explicit directions as to how His work is to be done and then tells them that He will be with them. There is great encouragement here for every Christian worker. As you stand to preach or teach or sing you know that you are not alone, but that you have the presence and power of the living Christ with you.

I believe that this text goes farther than this. Jesus is interested in every phase of our lives and He promises to b with us everywhere. As you go to your place of work, He goes too. He is particularly interested in the things of the home. He goes with the children to school, and out into every walk of life with each of us.

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John Dobbs

commented on Jun 26, 2016

Credit: Simple Sermons for Saints and Sinners by W. Herschel Ford, 1954

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