Summary: Jesus stands at the heart’s door and knocks and if we allow Him entrance, He will give revival and renewal.

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The “If” in Revival Rev. 3:20

INTRO.: If ever a congregation needed a revival, it was the congregation at Laodicea. Read Rev. 3:14-22. Let’s look at our Lord’s invitation to them and consider it in the light of the need for revival. “If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”

The “if” in revival means if we let Him in the heart’s door, He will bless us richly and revive our spirits.

I. Life is pictured as a door:

A. The door has two sides. Like all doors.

1. ILLUS. I knocked on many doors in the course of my ministry. The most notable was one with a “no solicitors” sign. No doorbell. It was actually padded and upholstered. No company was wanted.

2. I never knew what the inside of that door was like.

3. ILLUS.: The first door my wife and I knocked on was answered by a Man who was very negative and rude. It was hard to go to the next door.

4. I find doors threatening if I don’t know what’s on the other side.

B. The door of your life is the one Jesus knocks on.

1. He will not force it open.

2. He may knock repeatedly, but He will not kick it down to enter.

C. Jesus respects our free will and will not even open the door. He simply waits for us to respond.

1. ILLUS.: sometimes when I visit, someone says, “come in” without opening the door I always feel awkward doing it at a stranger’s house.

2. He invites “whosoever will.”

3. Acts 12:16 - Like Peter, He just keeps on knocking.

II. It is Jesus Who stands at the door knocking:

A. See how He describes Himself: v. 14

1. “The Amen” - the Truth, the last word. When we say “Amen” it is not just agreement, but an affirmation of truth. John 14:6

2. “Faithful and true witness.” Completely dependable

3. “Ruler of God’s creation.” Having all authority to judge and administer justice.

B. It has been suggested He is a sick Savior”

1. The Greek for “spit you out of my mouth” is literally to vomit. (Emeo) vv. 15, 16

2. ILLUS.: Nutritional experts tell us food should be kept hot or cold. Otherwise it will spoil and make the eaters sick. So Jesus is nauseated by a lukewarm Church.

3. The Church’s biggest problem is not hostility from outside, but indifference inside.

4. We try to be neutral and Christianity does not allow for neutrality.

C. He is the Christ Who is present, yet Who is coming:

1. In the seven letters of Rev. 2 & 3, He warns repeatedly of His return. 2:5, 16, 25, 3:3, 11

2. “I stand at the door” may mean He is coming soon.

3. However, He is present today and, in deep love, is pleading for His people to open the door to Him.

4. He is the Savior Who seeks out His people. He doesn’t leave us to grope around trying to find Him.

III. He wants to eat with us. What’s the big deal?

A. Sharing a meal with guests in the ancient world was a sacrifice.

1. There was no refrigeration & little means of preserving food.

2. So, there was little food stored in the house. The housewife shopped every day.

3. When guests came, the meal was especially sumptuous and prolonged so the company could be enjoyed.

4. The risen Lord is saying, “Open the door and we will share a feast of real joy.”

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