Summary: This sermon reminds the believer that God is a God of absolute knowlege.

Introduction: The Psalmist declares that God knows the number of stars in the universe. The greatness of this truth can only be seen when we consider the vastness of space and the trillions and trillions of stars. God not only knows them quantitativly but He knows them by name. In theology, this is called the omniscience of God. The omniscience or the unlimited knowledge of God may be defined as God knowing Himself and all things possible in one eternal act. God posseses perfect knowledge and therefore has no need to learn anything. God knows all that can be known. God knows all things perfectly and equally well. A.W. Tozer says; "God is never surprised by anything. God is never amazed by anything. He knows all series of events at once." God knows instantly all matter, all thoughts, all mysteries, all enigmas, all feelings, all desires, all secrets, every relationship, all thrones, all dominions and all persons. He knows motion space and time, life and death, good and evil, heaven and hell, all things visible and invisible, all things in heaven and on earth. He knows every cause and why everything is the way it is. He knows the fungus in the bottom of the ocean. He knows the deep sea creatures. God knows the ant that crawls in the forest. He knows our life span before birth. He knows what has happened and what will happen at the same time. Since God does not sleep, He never mises anything. Before the past God knew the future. God knew the future of Revelation before the book of Genesis. The Psalmist says, Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. I cannot attain it!

Let us Consider His knowledge of man. He is intimately familiar with all our ways. We can hide nothing from the all-seeing eyes of God. Such knowledge brings joy to beleiver but terror to the unbeliever.

First, God Knows Decision and Deceit.

Second, God Knows Deeds and Desires.

Third, God knows Determination and Depression.

Fourth, God Knows Devotion and Disguisement.

Fifth, God Knows Doom and Destiny.

Sixth, God Knows Disease and Disheartment.

Seventh, God Knows Dissolution and Departure.

Conclusion: There is nothing that God doesn’t know. But the bigger is question is; "Do you know Him?"

May God Bless and Keep You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

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