Summary: When we do as God directs, our lives will be immovable by the sins around them and we will be granted the privilege of dwelling in God’s sacred places.

-I love the Psalms

-I know few who do not love the Psalms

-Within them we fin much manna to the soul

-They are full of praises and encouragement

-Yet, they are also full of motivation and instruction

-The Psalm we will look at tonight is such

-Psalm 15:1-5

-The Psalmist starts out by asking two questions

-Who may abide in the Lord’s Tabernacle?

-Who may dwell in God’s holy hill?

-He concludes the Psalm with the statement that he who does the things included in the Psalm shall never be moved

-In between, we have 8 concepts that make one immovable and open the opportunities to both abide in the Lord’s Tabernacle and dwell in God’s holy hill

I. Walking Uprightly

-We’re talking here about more than simply good physical posture

-We’re talking here about good spiritual posture

A. Head held high to God

-Not down to the earth

-Which is not our home

B. Chest hold out with no regret

C. Shoulders back with no fear

II. Working Righteously

-Seeking to rectify social evils

-The Wesleyan Church since its inception has always taken social action as one of its main tenants

-Though in more recent years, less so

A. Righting racial, gender and political injustices

-Illegal Immigration

1. See them through God’s eyes

a. Hurting or oppressed

b. Poor

c. Hopeless

2. See them as a mission field

3. Render properly to Caesar and to God

B. Speaking up for the unborn

C. Protecting the environment

III. Speaking Truthfully

-We live in an age of lies

-Of course we know that one of the Ten Commandments deals with lying

-Actually, about bearing false witness against our neighbor

-But there are many ways one can actually lie besides outright lying

A. Half-truths are no truths

-“Well, sort of. . .”

B. Misleadings are tantamount to perjury

-Letting others make the wrong assessment knowingly

C. Silence can be damning

-Pleading The 5th

IV. Treating Respectfully

A. No backbiting with the tongue

B. No evil to neighbor

-We are to love our enemies even

-Good Samaritan

C. No reproach against a friend

-This would be doing something to cause them shame

V. Despising The Vile Person

-Note: This does not mean hating the person

-Only hating the evil they do

A. On some occasions it is easy to despise vileness when it arises

1. Homosexuality

2. Murder

3. Theft

4. Rape / incest

5. Extortion

B. On other occasions, we often sit back and let the vileness take place without flinching

1. God being disdained

-Taking His name in vain

2. Christian values being mocked

3. Minor sinfulness

-We like to categorize sin

VI. Honoring The Godly

-What a treasure we have when we look at the saints who have paved the way for us and taught us so much

-We need to honor them more than just at their funerals

-Let them know they are an example to you

A. Let them know how much they have taught you in word

B. Let them know how much they have taught you in deed

C. Carry some of their load

1. Prayer warrior

2. Servitude

3. Bearing the light

VII. Promising Unswervingly

-This means that when you make a vow, you keep it

-Promises are not meant to be broken

-Note: Swearing is not bad

-Making promises is actually a wonderful thing

A. Keeping promises shows your trustworthiness

B. Keeping promises shows your dependability

C. Keeping promises shows your faithfulness

-Even when it is not in your own best interest

VIII. Financing Correctly

A. Not putting out money in usury

B. Not taking bribes against the innocent

-I’m not sure bribery is ever to be condoned


-This type of person is said to be immovable

-Much like what we looked at last week with a foundation in the rock

-The one whose foundation is in the rock will do these things

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