Summary: This sermon is all about how you can be delivered from the powers of Satan. Many people are in bondage, but don't know how to come out or be delivered. Here, in this sermon you are going to learn how you can get total freedom from Satanic chain

I. What is deliverance?

1. Deliverance is the expulsion of a bad spirit from a place, person or thing.

2. Deliverance is to break the chains of wickedness.

3. Deliverance is the destruction of satanic yokes. A yoke is something that ties two animals together and the movement one depends the cooperation the other. If one animal decides to be slow or sluggish, it means that the other one cannot move ahead. Yoke retards ones progress.

4. Deliverance is removal of curses and spells

5. Deliverance is the spiritual cleansing of an environment or territory. It means that a school, house, shop, etc., needs deliverance. Clothes we put on need deliverance- cleansing them from spiritual possessions.

6. Deliverance is removing witchcraft load from the heads of people. Witches put loads on people’s heads and they do not know.

7. Deliverance is uprooting evil seeds planted by the enemy. The enemy is an expert in planting evil seeds in the life a person.

8. Deliverance is the removal of any satanic embargo. When there is, an embargo stopping a person from moving forward, deliverance is needed.

9. Deliverance is release from evil attachment. Many people are being controlled from afar.


SOME EVIL DREAMS AND THEIR INTERPRETATIONS. If you discover that, you have any of these dreams you need deliverance.

1.Eating in the dream. When you find out that, you eat frequently in the dream it is not a good dream it is an indication that you are eating poison- sickness.

2.Swimming in the dream. When you find out you are always swimming in the dream it shows you are having something to do with marine spirit.

3.Going back to old familiar places. If you find yourself going back to your old school, house, company, master, mates etc. it shows stagnancy or slow progress.

4.Sex in the dream. If you find out you always make love in the dream, it shows that you have spiritual spouse.

5. Seeing dead people. When you dream and see yourself with dead relatives, you need deliverance. However, not all dreams of such is demonic, God can use the image of your dead relatives to give you a message.

6. Walking naked. Seeing yourself in your dream naked is an indication that you need deliverance. It means poverty and shamefulness.

7. Under pursuit. If you are being pursued by a wild animal or a wicked person, or someone is running after you in your dream you need strong deliverance. It signifies danger.

8. Running errands or wearing tattered clothes. This type of dream connotes slavery. Wearing tattered clothes is a sign of poverty

9. Uncontrollable Anger. When your anger is uncontrollable, it is very dangerous for your spiritual life. (Gen. 49:5-7; Prov. 16:32)

10. Sudden fall from glory. You where rich but sudden fall from your height to poverty.

11. Accident prone. You always see yourself a victim instead of a victor.

12. Late marriage. When your mates get married but you have not.

13. Reoccurrence of Divorce. When in your family, girls who marry always return back home. Or you have married several men but never stayed in one.

14. Mental Deranged. Every member of the family ends up in madness.

15. Objects moving in your body. When you have moving objects in your body or incurable sickness.

16. Encountering of chains of problems. If you find out that, you always experience chains of problems in your life.

17. Having horrible dream. When in your dream you find out someone wants to choke you to death.

18. Lusting after men/women. You need deliverance when you cannot control your sexual appetite.

19. Uncontrollable tongue. When cannot be control your tongue. You speak 200 words per minute, on the other hand, when you cannot keep secrets.

20. Uncontrolled emotion/ restlessness. When you cannot have a moment of rest or fluctuates emotionally – sadness now, but happy the next minute.

21. Evil trend in your family. When you find out that, a particular evil happens in the family.

Like father/mother syndrome. When you find out that what happened to your mother or father is happening to you, you need deliverance.

22. When you cannot live a victorious life as a Christian. If you notice you always fall into sin without the grace to resist it you need deliverance.

23. Forgetfulness. Always forget things- where keep things or your dream. Remember that dreams are your spiritual mirror to the spiritual world.

24. Masturbation. When you delight in satisfying yourself sexually with objects or fingers.

25. Homosexual /lesbianism. Man making love with his fellow man and woman making love with her follow woman.

26. Uncontrollable appetite. Eating, drinking or doing anything without control.

27. No respect for elders. When you find out that, you have no respect for elders.

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