Summary: The divinely given task of being a mom is significant. Consider the influence of Eunice and Lois on Timothy.

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The Influence of a Godly Mom

2 Timothy 1:3-7

* Readers Digest printed a story which may offer us a good starting point today. A young man called his parents to wish them a “Happy New Years” and asked his dad, “What’s your new year resolution?” Without any thought dad said, “To make your mother happy.” When mom got on the phone the son asked her the same question. Her response, “to help you dad KEEP his New Years Resolution.”

* I begin today message with a confession, it is a confession which I really do not have to make. Sometimes these confessions get us in trouble.

* Years ago, Gary Smalley told this story; there was a young woman in her 30’s who was unmarried. The reason she was unmarried was that she had a personal problem. Her personal problem was bad breath. She tried everything to get rid of her offensive breath but to no avail. Every time a young man would get interested in her they would kiss and that would end that! So she made a private pact – to not kiss any boyfriends until they were married. Finally, a young man became interested in her. Problem was, HE had a personal problem, “smelly feet.” He had also attempted to fix his problem and also with no avail. So here is the picture, “he wants to kiss her and she’s reluctant while she wants to take long walks on the beach and he’s reluctant.” Well, even with these situations they still fell in love and decided to get married. Both were highly nervous. Finally, the wedding night came. When they arrived in their hotel room, the groom darted into the bathroom where he removed his socks and shoes, washed his feet, put cologne on both feet, and then ran out of the bathroom and jumped under the covered in the king sized bed. When He came out, she ran in. Now, she begins the process of brushing her teeth, using mouth washed, and putting breath mints in both sides of her mouth. Looking in the mirror, she whispered a prayer as she knew the “moment of truth” had come. So she turned the light off, ran out of the bathroom, and jumped head-first under the covers. She slowly slid up until only her head was uncovered and she turned to face her groom. Now close together, she said, “honey I have a confession to make.” Putting his hand over her mouth, he replied, “it’s okay baby, I know, YOU ATE MY SOCKS.”

* So there are some confessions you don’t really have to make and I will make one for you today. I find myself struggling each year on Mother’s day and Father’s day. Understand, I don’t struggle because of lack of love or a relationship with my mom and dad, but rather, because sentimentalism does not control the teachings of the Bible and the roles of Mom and Dad in life. When we come together in the name of the Lord, we come to HONOR GOD, thank Him for the gifts of our parents.

* Honestly, I felt pretty bad about this until as I read the Mother’s day messages from other preachers and realized that what a preacher feels called to do and what is expected of him can be miles apart. Try this;

* Every Mother’s Day sermon I’ve run across starts with an explanation & this one’s no exception. As ministers, we’re reminded not to get too sentimental about motherhood because:

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