Summary: A word of encouragement to men to be the Father and Grandfather that molds a childs life by pu=ouring wisdom into the child.

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In verse two, Solomon indicates that David has told him that this was for his own good. When I was growing up, I hated to hear mom and dad to say “this is for your own good.” Usually it was opposite of something I wanted to do. Kids have a tendency to know what direction they want to go even if it is not the right direction. So what David had said to Solomon was that this was for his own good. Therefore Solomon was instructed to remember his father’s law. The sad commentary on today’s generation is that many time those who do have fathers know that the limit that was set will be eased as they approach the limit. The kids never pay the consequences for going past the limit. David set the limit on Solomon for his own good.

In verse three, we would be very foolish to pass lightly over the statement “I was my father’s son”. Of course he was his dad’s son! However, I think that there is a deeper meaning. Solomon is indicating to us that he had an intimate relationship with his father. His father had such an influence on him that he was proud to be David’s son. Fathers and grandfathers do not let your kids grow up to be ashamed that they are yours. Set the example and be the man of God before them that you are called to be. Let them look back and say, “Yeah, that was my dad!”

Every Father’s Day weekend we have our family reunion. On Saturday when I went home to be with my family, I looked around and had love for everyone who was there. However, there was something special about Dad being there! Now, I can honestly say that Dad and I did not always see eye to eye with each other. But as I look back over that time, I would not trade it for the world. I think that I can identify with Solomon here. “I am my father’s son.”

In verse four, a great testimony to Solomon’s father. David instructed Solomon to keep his commandments. I love those last two words, “and live.” Do you know that many times when we hurt ourselves or even killed it is because we acted and spoke out of foolishness. It is a proven fact based upon different studies that the most successful people in this world are those who have a mother and a father in their home. There are exceptions. There are those who only had one parent and overcame that to do well for themselves.

There is a joy to a father when his children remember what he has told them. When they remember what you have told them, they have listened and done what you told them. We better be very careful that we spend enough time with our children today to mold them into who God wants them to be.

In verse five, we are encouraged to gain wisdom. The greatest thing that a father and grandfather can do for a child is to impart words of wisdom into their life. May I suggest two things to you? The first is this, wisdom comes from life’s experience. You have been there as a father. You have seen this before. Therefore, you are able to impart words of wisdom into your children’s life so that they would not make a mistake. Secondly, wisdom comes from God’s word. You have the ability to impart spiritual wisdom into there life. It is great when a child has a father to help them through this life. But it is even greater when a father takes time to encourage his children into the depths of knowing God and his word. The father ought to be an example of God the Heavenly Father. When our children look at us, they ought to be able to see God living in us. They ought to see that example.

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