Summary: Jochebed the mother of Moses taught him 2 powerful principles that helped him become a great man of God.

Intro: It’s been said, if God wants to do a great work, He'll choose a man; if He wants to do an extraordinarily great work, He'll choose a woman

When you read Hebrews 11:23-29 we see a striking picture of Moses. Moses made some difficult decisions. He chose to be a slave of God instead of a son of Pharaoh, He chose to suffer with his people rather than enjoy the pleasure of sin. By faith he did many things. How is it that a man raised in Egypt had that kind of faith?

I would wager that like many other men of faith Moses was greatly influenced by His Mother Jochebed.

We relate to our mothers differently at different age groups. When you're age four, you might think my mom can do anything.

By the time you're 12, you're thinking mom doesn't know everything. By age 14, you're already saying mom doesn't know anything. At age 18, you're saying mom is so out of step with the times. She's so backwards.

At age 25, though, you're thinking, well, mom knows a few things. At age 35, you're thinking, before we decide, let's get mom's opinion. At age 45, you're saying, I wonder what my mom would say about this. And at age 65, you're saying, I wish I could talk to my mom just one more time.

You may feel that way today. We can imagine that Moses was somewhere between the what would mom say, and I wish I could talk to mom again stage.

The story of Israel and their release from Egypt really begins with a Mother not Moses. Israel’s deliverance from Egypt begins with two women named Shiphrah and Puah. Many Jewish Rabbi’s believe Shiphrah to be another name for Jochebed.

Jochebed is considered the greatest woman ever. How did she come to be considered that way? She was the mother to her children. She loved, protected and taught them about her God!

By example and explanation, she taught Moses to be brave and risk his life to save his brothers just as she and Miriam had by disobeying Pharaoh’s order. There is no more permanent or precious impression on our souls than the sacrifice of our mother’s love. What imprint did Jochebed leave on Moses?

I. She taught Moses that God is good (Moses rejection of Pleasure)

Can you think of a more difficult or dangerous time to declare God’s goodness? These were dark days for the people of Israel. Enslaved by a fearful king. Forced to kill their children, the future of their people. Yet I believe that through her actions and affection for her son Jochebed taught Moses the goodness of God.

It is easy to agree that God is good when things go our way. However, the truth of our belief in His goodness is revealed when the pressure is poured on us.

What pressure did Jochebed face? (No matter what decision she made it was risky)

The order to kill the male children that were born in Egypt

The order for Pharaoh’s people to throw boy children into the Nile.

In Psalm 100: Tells us that Yahweh is good. Jochebed connects her baby boy to God’s goodness. The word beautiful is the Hebrew word tobe used in Psalm 100:5 of God. Jochebed saw the goodness of God in Moses!

By faith. Faith is the conviction of the truth of anything. In the face of crushing and depressing circumstances she was convinced God is good! How is it possible for Jochebed to be convinced that God is good?

God is good when we get a good diagnosis from the doctor, when we get the promotion, the raise, when the final score favors our favorite team. However, would you say God is good in the cemetery as well as the nursery? Would you say God is good in the unemployment line as well as the grocery line?

God promise to bring beauty from all things not each thing.


1) When we trust that God is good we make right decisions (Exodus 2:2, Hebrews 11:23)

We obey God and sometimes have to disobey man!

2) When we trust that God is good we can release things into His care

There are times in our lives when we have to recognize that we have done all we can, said all we can and given all we can at that point we have to release it and trust God!

Just know when you release you child, your family, your finances, your health to God,

Not all the babies will survive, not all the families will be restored, not all the finances will be provided, not all the marriages will be restored. However God is still good and will be glorified by the way He works in your life!

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