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Summary: The invisible world of faith

Hebrews 11:1-3, “1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. 3By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”

Have you ever just stopped to think about what this world is all about? About what faith is all about? Our present world is living in an illusion because it thinks that the present world is the world that we are supposed to expect, or to be experienced by the revelation of itself. Our secular world views faith as a childish impish thought that needs not to be. Yet it is this same world that we live in that views what it does at a fundamental level to be faith. Faith in reality is what drives the world. It is what motivates each and every single person everyday to crawl out of bed go to the coffee pot and brew a cup of coffee or just to get some breakfast. It is faith that dominates us drives us, causing us to do something with our lives.

Yet is it this same world further that denies the existence of faith. Its ironic truly, because it can say the word chance. It isn’t a far leap from the word chance to the word fate, and from fate to faith either. In fact, they are all really interconnected, yet the existence and the denial reveals much about the present condition of our society’s denial of the word. Yet why so much emphasis upon faith? The world we live in isn’t really the world that we are presently experiencing. The present world that we are living in is really dominated by the reality of faith, and faith is the invisible world.

Faith is what drives us and motivates us to wake up, but if this is so, as it is, then faith must be not just important in understanding our world, but the motivations for the present reality of our world. Faith is what is driving us is what motivates us to the present condition we find ourselves in today. This then is more than just experiencing faith, because what we must understand now is what faith is. The Patriarchs understood faith, because they obeyed God’s call. I’m sure that they grumbled as many of us do, yet like waking up in the morning yet they still obeyed, because they realized that the meaning of faith meant walking towards the invisible reality of faith.

Yet our world wants us to drag out faith and show its meaning? Its meaning is not known by the sense experience it is merely known by faith. As it is were merely hard to understand faith? Faith is a word that each one of us experience everyday in every single circumstance, of every single moment of every single day. It so dominates our present reality that to deny its existence is to deny your own existence. It is shown when you drive your car by the mere fact that you are driving you are having faith that the car will actually turn on, and the proper sequence of events will then cause the motor and the rest of the car as well to work. For example, for those of you frequent flyers, the airplane. Take for example the plane’s staff. Your hoping that they have had enough sleep, training, and all the variables that go into flying, and maintaining the plane not to mention the airport security. The reality is that we live in a world controlled by the presence of faith.

In fact faith, so dominates our present reality that if you want to deny it you can be my guest. Philosophers have been denying the existence of faith for centuries, yet I suppose they would have us believe that the car turning on and us not being injured in the process is merely a coincidence? The claim of the secular world is that faith is totally irrevocably unimportant is not only flat out wrong, it is also demonically inspired. The present world we live in while fleeting away is still here, but the reality is that it is still dominated by the war for faith that presents itself in the afflictions and establishment of each person’s heart. It is found in the allegiance for the battle of souls that exists today within the present confines of the spiritual reality of Christ’s presence within those who believe in Him, or those who don’t for that matter. It goes to show that the battle for faith is really the battle for the invisible world that cannot be seen, because it exists outside of the present reality of our presence experience.

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