Summary: An Old Testament paralell to what the church should look like

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Life of Joseph – Parallel to the church

1. A church that has grasped it prophetic destiny – Gen 37:5,7,10

2. A church that has successfully passed spiritual testings – Gen 50:20/ Ps 107:17-19

3- A church that has become a spiritual storehouse – Gen 41:56

4- A church that has a deep, full well with fruitful branches – Gen 49:22/ Ps 107:33-38

5- A church that excels in spiritual warfare – Gen 49:23-24/ Ps 144:1

6- A church that has received and guards the blessings of the Lord – Gen 49:25

7- A church that expects God to visit his people in due season – Gen 50:25/ Is 44:3-4/ Mt 16:16-18/ Acts 2:37-47

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