Summary: Two characteristics of the compassionate Savior.

The Journey Home - Luke 15:20-24


Two ladies were attending a ten year class reunion. As they begin to talk about their lives, the first lady told the second one that she believed she had a well balanced life. The second lady asked her what she meant by that. She said, "Well, first I married a lawyer, then I divorced him. Then I married an actor and divorced him. Then I married a preacher and divorced him. Finally I married an undertaker." The second lady asked her how she considered that to be a well balanced life. She said, "Well that’s simple, one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!" Here is a picture of two ladies who were really enjoying their class reunion. In today’s sermon I want you to see one of the greatest reunions in all the Bible when the Prodigal Son came home to his father. In this parable the father is a picture of the compassionate Savior. It reveals to us how Christ receives sinful men. Notice the first characteristic of the compassionate Savior is:

I. The Depth Of The Father’s Love (v. 20)

A. You See It In His Patience (20a)

The father waited for his son to return home.

B. You See It In His Persistence (20b)

The father ran to meet his son.

C. You See It In His Passion (20c)

He kissed his son repeatedly.

II. The Declaration Of The Father’s Love (v. 21-24)

A. His Sins Were Excused (21)

He didnt hold his past against him.

B. He Spared No Expenses (22-24)

He gave him the best of what he had.

1. Robe - Covering up his scars

2. Ring - Identifying with the father

3. Restoration - Only sons wore sandals

4. Rewards - The calf was for special events


I want to challenge you to get up from where you and come to the Savior. The Bible says He will run to you and kiss you and welcome you home for His love for you is unconditional and unfathomable.

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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