Summary: We ask God to work miracles in our lives, but have you ever considered that God’s daily activity, His divine intervention, is a miracle in itself?

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The Journey IS The Miracle!

Your life’s Journey is a constant miracle from God

Text: Exodus 14 - Exodus 17

by Pastor Byron


We ask God to work miracles in our lives, but have you ever considered that God’s daily activity, His divine intervention, is a miracle in itself? The miracle is that God works through the ordinary circumstances you encounter to draw you close to Him.

Your life is a constant miracle. Everything you encounter is God’s way of leading you to the place where he wants you to be. I’m not saying that God causes everything in your life to happen. God does not cause bad to happen to you, but he uses it to help guide you. God is constantly working a series of miracles in your life. Even through things that seem to be bad, to bring you into your personal promised land.

When I say that your life is a constant miracle, I am not saying that only good things will happen to you. What I am saying is that God is constantly working through your circumstances.

You may be saying, Pastor, you don’t know the troubles and trials I’ve been through. You don’t understand the hardships and circumstances I’ve had to endure. No, I don’t. But I do know that your life is a constant miracle in the hands of The Almighty and the journey that God is taking you on is a series of events which is encompassed by His divine intervention.

Many of those miracles God works through you, you don’t even recognize as miracles. To you they are only ordinary occurrences, accidents, or happenstances in your life. Should we dare consider these events as miracles? Isn’t that over spiritualizing the banal? Can the ordinary actually be God’s way of working in you, and through you, to bring you to a place of the extraordinary? The miraculous!

He lets me rest in the meadow grass and leads me beside the quiet streams. He gives me new strength. He helps me do what honors him the most. Even when walking through the dark valley of death I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me, guarding, guiding all the way. Ps 23:2-4 TLB

I. The Blessings of Following God Are Great - And Nobody Said it Would Be Easy.

God Does Not Promise An Easy Journey – Following God is a journey each of us are personally called to take. No one else can take that journey for you.

See Exodus 14 - Exodus 17

An entire generation died in the wilderness.

An entire generation came to life in the wilderness.

Which generation do you most closely associate with in your wilderness experiences? Are you coming to life in the wilderness? Are you allowing God to work through your ordinary experiences?

For those of us who come to life through the wilderness experience will find that God will give us a better land / a promised land.

The miracle is that God will be with you on the journey. The miracle is God’s presence in your life. And that God will work a series of events in your life in the attempt to get you to the place where he wants you be.

Yet there are many needs in the midst of our journey. And God will meet every need:

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