Summary: We walk with Elijah and Elisha from Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, and the Jordan and illustrate a journey of growth.

Trail to the Double Portion

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

Text: 1 Kings 19:19 ... and Elijah passed by him and cast his mantle upon Elisha.

This mantle of of God will not be a one time experience but a process and a journey of many years.

I ponder today a poor attitude: JUST ENOUGH, NOT FOLLOWING THE LEADER? We are on a journey where are you headed? WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU FOLLOWING?

We are on a journey, many tests will come. Will we learn and stay submitted?

May we be determined that God’s plan is MORE THAN a spiritual thimble full to just barely make it?

I here the physical prosperity doctrine preached on a daily bases by our TV media.

But I am not talking about more toys to play, I am pondering "TOOLS" to work and accomplish God’s Heart, not some ear scratching, pleasure motive of entertainment.

It is time we grow into the eternal.

Recently, I had a dream, Jesus was crying. Jesus had just finished hearing one of His Elite deliver a sermon on "Claim your Jet!"

The crowd had gone wild, and was jumping in praise.

I asked Jesus, "Why are You so sad?" He replied, " My number one request from my people ask for Cadillacs, Continentals, and SUV’s, then after this prayer my people go to sleep."

Jesus eyes were so broken, I awoke and cried, " God, may my heart be broken for what breaks your heart. May my tears be for lost souls?"

We seek healing today to alleviate pain.

We reach for the pain pill bottle and then the olive oil bottle if the pills don’t work?

The motive of healing must be more than pain relief. This is good but there is more.

Peter’s mother-in-law was healed and she got up and ministered.

Today after very real moves of God, we go to the steak house, and laugh.

Where is the ministry? Where is the testimonies?

There was a neat young man working out in the field. An old man passing by saw the young man and liked the traits the young man displayed.

The old man knew no minister had completely fulfilled his call without training a successor. The torch must be passed to others with work ethics and zeal, but a desire to study and learn more.

Many young people want to be used of God but they refuse to follow and submit to authority and teaching.

It is hard to let an old man teach you when you know everything anyway?

This young man was different from most. For many years this young man would follow the old man.

It appeared the young man would never have his own field?

It did not take long for the young man to see the "HUMAN SIDE" of the old man. But somehow this young man knew in his heart there is an anointing here.

The young man never agreed with everything, but yet he stayed submitted and grew a "servant’s heart."

God set on the edge of His throne and watched the beauty grow in this young man.

The young man learned to shut up and watch God’s plan unfold.

The young man learned that the old man seemed to be in the dark, and all of a sudden God’s plan developed and the wisdom of the old man unwrapped before his eyes.

The young man learned an awl and respect for God and God’s man. The young man submitted and quit trying to launch his own ministry and submit.

2 KINGS Chapter 2.

One day, maybe the young man was preparing the bed for the old man to sleep.

The old man had seen the raw, ignorant boy grow.

The old man caught the vision and saw this boy was the next generation.

The old man said, "Boy, what do you want from God and me?" The young man looked skyward and said, " Sir, I love you and have learned so much, MAY I BE BLESSED ENOUGH TO HAVE A DOUBLE PORTION OF THE SPIRIT THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU? PLEASE?"

The man of God was so pleased his student had learned and his student’s ladder would extend beyond his Master’s talent.

God leaned back on the throne pleased. The young man did not asked for trinkets and treasures, the man had learned a lesson that a double portion of God is the most valuable tool and goal that could ever be sought by God’s people.

The old man warned the young man, there is still some following ahead.

This double portion will cost more.

The anointing flows, and the young man declared: he was willing to pay anything and exert all his effort to attain the perfect will of God for his life.

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Pastor Mary Flores

commented on Oct 23, 2008

Thank you, especially for the meanings of the various cities. MF

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