Summary: Second in a series looking at who benefits from our worship

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The JOY of Worship – What Is Worship

Gladstone Baptist Church – 27/2/05 am

Last Sunday Night we started a series of 4 messages that is going to continue over both services next week. We have called the series “The JOY of Worship.” This is the first of 5 series we will be undertaking during the year to unpack our mission statement.

Who knows our Mission Statement?

“Through our WORSHIP, WITNESS and WORKS OF SERVICE, we aim to reach people with the good news of Jesus and lead them to MATURITY in the FAMILY of God”

The five purposes are contained in this mission statement and every couple of months, we will be taking 4 services to unpack one of these purposes a bit more and try to figure out how it works itself out in the life of our church

The first purpose we see in our mission statement is WORSHIP and so this is the topic for us over the next 3 weeks.

We’ve entitled this series “The JOY of Worship” for a specific reason. The word JOY is often used in Christian circles as an Acronym for Jesus, Others & Yourself. I want you to know straight off the bat that Jesus or God benefit from your worship. Other people benefit from your worship and You benefit from your Worship. JOY – Jesus, Others, Yourself.

So This is what we are going to be looking at over the next 3 weeks …

Last Sunday night we started by looking at : The JOY of Worship – What Others get from your worship.

We learnt that our worship benefits those in the church and those outside the church. Those inside the church are BUILT UP when we worship. It encourages them and edifies them. We actually found that when we worship, we actually enter into fellowship and ministry. When we worship God, we fulfil 2 of the other purposes for our lives. In actual fact, through this series we will see that when we worship God, we fulfil all the other purposes for which we were created. We fellowship and minister to those inside the church. We grow to be like Christ ourselves and we witness to those outside the church. We learnt last Sunday night that those outside the church should be BROUGHT IN by our worship. They should be attracted, challenged and led into a relationship with Jesus Christ – That is what witness is all about. Built up and Brought In – That’s how others benefit from your worship.

This morning : The JOY of Worship – What is Worship?

Next Sunday am : The JOY of Worship – What Jesus & God get from your worship.

Next Sunday pm : The JOY of Worship – What You get from your worship.

I hope that you’ll make a huge effort to try to make it to the remaining 3 messages because we really begin to grasp the importance of worship and what it means to worship JOY-fully. The first message is available on video or CD – see the sound desk operators after the service.


What is Worship?

Last Sunday night we briefly looked at the question of what is worship. But I want to consider that question in more depth this morning as a bit of a foundation to the rest of the messages you will hear.

Upon questioning the congregation last Sunday night, I got the feeling that some of the people there were beginning to understand what worship really is, but others were still caught up in the “traditional” church understanding.

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