Summary: Examining God’s role as judge as revealed in the book of Nahum

Nahum reveals four things about God’s role as judge.

1. The RATIONALE of God’s Judgment (1:1-6; 3:1-4)

A. His vengeance is emphasized (1:2)

B. His vengeance is justified (1:3; 3:1-4)

C. His vengeance is certain (1:4-6)

2. The REASONS for God’s Judgment (1:2-3, 7-8)

A. God judges sin because he is a jealous God (1:2)

B. God judges sin because he is an avenging God (1:2-3)

C. God judges sin because he is a good God (1:7-8)

3. The REACH of God’s Judgment (1:8-15)

A. Verse 8: "overwhelming flood" has been interpreted as an invading military force

B. Verse 9: There will be no need for trouble to come a second time

C. Verse 10: The armies burned the city thoroughly

D. Verse 12: Although the hosts of Assyria were unscathed and numerous, they would soon pass away

E. Verse 14: Nineveh was to be die and be buried, not just humbled for a time

4. The RESULTS of God’s Judgment (2:13; 3:8-10)

A. 3:8-10: Nineveh would fall; we see the fall of others but somehow imagine that we cannot

B. 2:13: God was against the Ninevites because of their sin; God cannot partner with us if we live a life of sin

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