Summary: This is part 34 in our series on the Book of Genesis. In this sermon we look at the judgment of Sodom

The Judgment of Sodom (Genesis part 34)

Text: Genesis 19:1-29

By: Ken McKinley

Well we’ve had a nice break from our study in Genesis, and any time you’re doing a study like we’ve been doing in Genesis, it’s good to step away from it for a while so that you don’t get burnt out or bored with it; but… it’s time to get back into it, and hit it hard for the next few weeks. So if you’ll take your Bible’s and turn with me to Genesis chapter 19; we’ll be reading verses 1 through 29.

Now before we begin, I have to warn you; this is one of the most disturbing chapters in the entire Bible. It shows the depths of man’s depravity, and the severity of God’s wrath. And I was tempted to just skip over this chapter, but as I was reading it throughout the week the Lord showed me that there’s just too much in this chapter that I would be doing an injustice to skip over it. And besides I’m called to preach the WHOLE COUNSEL of God’s Word. So let’s begin… Genesis 19:1-29 (Read Text).

Now if you remember last time we were in Genesis, God and two angels had visited Abraham, and God had told Abraham that He was going to go to Sodom and judge that city. Abraham asked God if He would spare the city if there were only 10 righteous people there, and God said that He would in-fact spare the city if 10 righteous people could be found there. Then God sent the two angels on ahead, and that brings us to our text this morning. And what we see in this passage is the complete and utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Now the problem that people seem to have with this passage is that it seem so different than the Jesus we see in the New Testament. But the problem with thinking that way is that Jesus Himself affirmed the destructions of Sodom and Gomorrah. We see Him do that in Matthew 10:14-15, Matthew 11:23-24, and also in Luke 17. And some people say, “Well I don’t like the fire and brimstone type of sermon.” But it’s in the Bible. It’s here in Genesis, the 1st book, and it’s in Revelation, the last book. And since “All Scripture is given by inspiration from God, and it’s profitable…” Then we need to look at this passage, learn from it, and see how it applies to our lives.

So our text begins by telling us that the 2 angels come to Sodom and it’s in the evening when they arrive, and Lot was sitting at the gate. Now if you remember; a few chapters back, Abraham and Lot went their separate ways. The Bible tells us that Lot pitched his tent near Sodom. But now we see that he’s gone from living in his tent outside of Sodom to living in the city itself. And not only that; he’s earned himself a place of prominence there. To be sitting in the gate, meant that Lot had gained prominence and influence among the people of Sodom.

And these angels show up, and Lot shows them respect. Now probably he didn’t realize that they were angles. The Book of Hebrews tells us that we can entertain angels unaware. They appeared as men. But Lot knew that they were special in some way. He bows down to them and shows them respect, and he invites them to his house where they can wash their feet and eat supper with him. Now it’s interesting; because Lot doesn’t go all out like Abraham did. He doesn’t slaughter the fatted calf, and make a big deal, but in essence, he’s kind of doing the same thing as his uncle Abraham did. So… he invites them to his house, but the angel’s first say, “Nah’ we’ll just sleep out in the square, out here in the open. Right smack dab in the middle of town.”

Now in Sodom, that would kind of be like you or me, going to Las Vegas and sleeping out on a bench on the strip. And Lot’s like, “Uh… no… that wouldn’t be a good idea.” And so he talks them into coming to his house. And after a bit of protest, they agree.

Now look at verse 4 (Read).

So Lot had just fed them dinner and just before bed time… just before they laid down for the night, the men of the city, both young and old, and from every quarter of the city, came to the house and surrounded it. And this is where it gets… disgusting.

Archaeologists estimate that the population of Sodom was probably around 1200 to 1500 people. So it may have been a little larger than Shattuck, or Laverne, and we’re told that the men of this city have surrounded Lot’s house, and they call out and say, “Hey Lot, bring those men you have in your house outside so that we can sleep with them… so that we can know them ‘carnally.’” Now what kind of people do this? Sick people, that’s what kind of people do that. I mean… they’re not ashamed, they’re not trying to hide it or be subtle about it in any way. And it says, “Old and young.” That means boys, men, the elderly. What a disgusting scene this is.

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