Summary: Last week we concluded the 2 part message on the rapture of the church, looking at what would take place when Jesus comes to take His people to be with Him. This is the event that will officially begin the last of the last days of this world as we know i



READ 1 CORINTHIANS 4:1 5..........2 CORINTHIANS 5:10

Last week we concluded the 2 part message on the rapture of the church, looking at what would take place when Jesus comes to take His people to be with Him. This is the event that will officially begin the last of the last days of this world as we know it.

Now I know there is a lot of controversy concerning the series of events that happen in the last days. The trouble with many people is that they interpret events according to their own heart and mind...or according to some tradition...instead of looking to the Word of God.

I will not likely answer all the questions about these things. I don't have all the answers. But we are going to look to the Scriptures and I think we can get a very accurate understanding of what the Word has to say about these events.

Last week we looked at what would happen as Jesus comes to take His bride the dead in Christ would be raised up from their graves in resurrection bodies...and how those alive at this time would also be changed as they went up to meet the Lord in the air.

But now that Jesus and all His loved ones have come together...we need to ask the question: What now? Surely such an earth shaking event such as the rapture will drastically affect life as we know it here on earth...but it will also signal the beginning of some very profound happenings in heaven as well.

Today I am going to look at the events as they unfold in heaven just after the rapture of the church...and then next week we'll see what will happen down here on earth after all the saints are taken away.

From Scripture we find there are several great events that are going to take place in heaven...and one of those is the Judgment Seat of Christ which we will look at today.

Now, I hardly think that this event will take place in the air...and I think it's clear from the Word of God that Jesus and all His saints will move into heaven.

And that is something that I think deserves some attention. What a happy group that will be as they make their way into heaven. What a glorious time that will be. Luke 15:7 says that there is great rejoicing in heaven when just one sinner repents...imagine what will happen on that day when they all come marching in.

I remember very clearly how multitudes rejoiced as those who were faithful in their service to our country returned from the war in the Persian Gulf. What a welcome they received. But this will be so much greater as those who were faithful in their commitment to Christ will be received into heaven.

And I know Jesus will be happy too...because by His shed blood He has saved multitudes of sinners. He said "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me." Well He was lifted up on the cross...and He has been drawing men ever since that day.

Not all have responded...but all have been drawn. Some here this morning have felt that drawing power of Christ and yet have resisted. And as a result you are still lost in your sins. You may be a good church goer...a good worker...but not a blood washed child of God.

But thank the Lord that in every nation...from every country on the entire planet, people have responded and surrendered to Him. And at that time they will all be up there with Him. All those who have not just believed, but have accepted Him as Saviour. And not one true believer will be missing.

And just think what it will be like for that multitude who are now entering in. They will instantly realize that heaven is so much more than any human mind can comprehend. They are changed...and now they are able to experience all that heaven holds in store.

I never knew what living was all about until I became a Christian... and I wouldn't change for all the world has to offer. But even so, life is not easy. And it isn't for anyone who is really serving the Lord. That same thing will be true for those who will be rejoicing there in heaven.

They had been saved...but many of them have been harrassed by Satan. Some have struggled with the cares and troubles of life. Some have even doubted their salvation. But in that day there will be no doubt.

Many of them have suffered here on earth...bodies racked with pain and disease. But then they will have glorified bodies, and they will never suffer again! Down here we struggle and strive to know Jesus...but !then„Ç we shall see Him face to face...GLORY...and we will know Him as He truly is!

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