Summary: To discuss the coming judgment and the place believers will have during it.

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The Judgment Seat of Christ

John 5:24-29

Primary Purpose: To discuss the nature of the coming judgment.

The nature of the coming judgment is something we should think about as a believer. The good news is that for the believer, we have passed out of judgment and death into life. The reality of a time of judgment is real though for the believer and unbeliever. The issues at stake at these judgments are different for each group however. (Read Scripture)

I remember reading about an Obituary that is meant to make you stop and think:

• He brushed his teeth twice a day

• The doctors examined him twice a year

• He ate low-carb, low-fat every day

• He gave up his tonsils, his adenoids, his gall bladder … and traded in a few worn-out glands

• He golfed …but never more than 18 holes (moderation in all things)

• He got 8 hours of sleep every night

• He slept with the windows open to get plenty of fresh air

• He carried an umbrella in case of rain

• He didn’t smoke, drink, or chew .. or run around with those who do

• He drove the speed limit

• He jogged and did weight training 5 days a week

• He was set to live to be a hundred years old.

He is survived by

• 18 specialists,

• 3 surgeons

• 4 health institutes,

• 6 gyms

• and numerous manufacturers of health foods and vitamins

So many people are like that man. They think about their health, they enjoy the pleasures of life, but they forget that they are not going to live forever. No matter how well we take care of ourselves, someday every one of us will die. THEN WHAT? (contributed by K.Edward Skidmore)

First, we should realize that Jesus is the true judge v.27. (Matt 25:31; 2 Timothy 4:1). His judgment is just and based on the one who sent him. The Father has appointed the Son to be the judge (Acts 10:42 see Acts 17:31).This will happen on the day he has fixed. The proof that Jesus is appointed to do this is the resurrection.

Second, there is a judgment of the saints. This is confirmed in 1 Cor 3:8-16; 2 Cor 5:10; 1 Cor 4:5. The issue is one of works, not salvation. It is referred to as “the judgment seat of Christ.” 1 Cor 3:13-14 says that fire will test the quality of man’s work. If any of the work remains you wil receive a reward for it. This implies 4 things:

a. There are works which appear good on the surface, but won’t remain

(1 Cor 3:14).

b. There will be various levels of rewards for believers. Some will suffer loss, but be saved yet as through fire. 1 Cor 3:15.

c. The motives for the works are important 1 Cor 4:5. I can do something good, but do it for the wrong reasons.

d. We will not face judgment as a believer because Jesus faced judgment for us on the cross.

In the movie CASUALTIES OF WAR, Michael J. Fox plays Private Erikson, a soldier in Vietnam who is part of a squad that abducts and rapes a young Vietnamese girl. He didn’t participate in the crime.

Afterward, as he struggles with what has happened, he says to the other men in his squad, "Just because each of us might at any second be blown away, we’re acting like we can do anything we want, as though it doesn’t matter what we do. I’m thinking it’s just the opposite. Because we might be dead in the next split second, maybe we gotta be extra careful what we do. Because maybe it matters more. Maybe it matters more that we ever know."

Death for all of us, is a breath away. And the nearer death is, the closer we are to answering to God for all we have said and done.

(From the book, Death AUTHOR: Joel Sarrault pg. 46)

Third, the judgment at the Great White Throne Rev 20:11-15. This is the judgment of the living and dead. Everyone of them is judged according to their deeds and whether or not their names were found in the book of life. If the persons name isn’t there they are thrown into the lake of fire. This judgment happens at the close of the millenial reign of Christ on the earth.

Jesus compared this event to a harvest in Matt 13:37-43. He said the tares shall be gathered up and cast into the furnace of fire. This event will be linked also to a gathering up of the believers who are on the earth at the

time of Jesus’ visible return. (Matt 24:31-46; Matt 16:27)

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