Summary: This sermon is about the role of faith in the life of a believer and the various situations in which we need faith namely 1.SIN 2.SICKNESS 3.SUPPLY 4.STRIFE 5.SUCCESS 6.SORROW 7.SUFFERING















John 3 :16 Mark 16:15-16 Luke 7 :


Through faith we can be saved from

sin . The word of God promises that whoever believes

on Jesus will not perish but have eternal life. We

must have faith in the Lord Jesus and his sacrifice on

the cross of Calvary . His blood cleanses us from all

sin. We must beleive that He is the Son of God and

that He died and rose again and that He is coming back

to take us to be with Him forever.


Matthew 9: 18-30 James 5 :15

Through faith we can be healed from

sickness . The woman who had an issue of blood for

twelve years did not lose hope for her life. Instead

she had a strong faith in the power of the Lord Jesus

to heal her. She did not allow her past

disappointments to make her cynical and doubtful. She

reached out and touched the hem of the garment of

Jesus with faith and was healed of her sickness. Two

blind men came to Jesus for healing and Jesus asked

whether they believed that He could heal them . They

said ’yes’ and Jesus said ’ According to your faith

let it happen to you ’ and they were healed at once.

We must have faith to be healed from our sicknesses.


Phillippians 4:19 Psalms 121:1-2

We must have faith to experience the

supply of our needs. We must must beleive that God

will supply all our needs according to His riches in

glory. We need not panic looking at our limited

resources. Instead we must have faith in the unlimited

resources at God’s disposal . We must trust the Lord

to supply our needs out of His abundant riches. We

should not look to people as our source of help and be

disappointed and bitter against them when they fail to

help us.


Ephesians 6:16 I John 5:4 Psalm

27 :1-3 Hebrews 10 : 35-38

We must have faith to experience

victory in all the battles and strife that we face.

Faith is the shield that protects us from the fiery

arrows of the enemy. We must not get discouraged and

lose hope and confidence. We must continue to have

faith in God’s promises of protection against all the

attacks of satan. It is through faith that we obtain

the victory that overcomes the world.


Deutronomy 8: 12-14 Proverbs 30 :


We must have faith in times of

success and prosperity. We must not forget God in good

times and think we can live without Him. We must

always remember that it is God who has blessed us with

success and prosperity. We must not trust in uncertain

riches which can be taken away from us at any time.

Our faith must always be in God.


I Thesselonians 4:13-18 John

14 :1 II Corinthians 1 : 3-4

We must have faith in times of

sorrow. We should not mourn in despair as others who

have no hope. Our faith in God must be revealed in

times of sorrow. We have the Holy Spirit the divine

Comforter who comforts us in sorrow . Our God is the

Father of all comfort who comforts us in all our

tribulations so that we can comfort others who go

through similar trials in life . We have the hope that

we shall meet our loved ones who have gone to be with

the Lord. This is a comfort in our times of sorrow.


Romans 8:28 Phillippians 1:29

Hebrews 11 : 36-39 Genesis 50:20

We must have faith in times of

suffering. We must trust that all things are working

together for good because we love God and are called

according to His purpose. We must have this faith even

when we face situations that appear evil , painful ,

mysterious etc. We must beleive that God is in control

of our lives and and that He will work out everything

for good. Joseph told his brothers ’ You wanted to do

evil to me but God turned it to good’. We must trust

that God will do the same for us.

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