In Habakkuk 3:2 the prophet of God asked the Lord to ìRevive thy work in the midst of the years.î We live in a generation that is more interested in surviving than they are reviving. There will be problems as we enter the ìNew Millennium.î Those problems will be ignited by what many are calling, ìThe Millennium Bug.î Many computer chips will not function properly due to the way they were designed. Although many are making projections as to what will come our way, no one really knows for sure. It seems there are so many people who are more interested in stocking up water, food, and many other things, than theyare a spiritual moving of Almighty God. Rest assured, I am not belittling prudent planning in light of what may come our way. Thereare things which are more important, that being the matter of revival. Your spiritual relationship and fellowship with God is more important than what you eat, drink, or even what you put on your body. I am sure we would all agree, in light of the times in which we find ourselves, we ought to seek a genuine moving of the Holy Ghost in the church. Mere emotional upheavals will fizzle out like a sparkler on the 4th of July. On the other hand, dull, lifeless services will not even disturb the devil, much less land a devastating blow of defeat to him.

As we pray for revival lets pray for the following kind:

I. A Sweeping Revival-

Revival is not something that a few of us need; it is something that ALL of us need. We see in a few isolated spots a moving of God among the hearts of the people, but oh, how we need a revival that will touch all the churches, all the homes, all the factories, all of the offices, everywhere from the peasants on the street to the rulers in the palaces. The great Welsh Revival was that kind or revival.

II. A Weeping Revival-

I believe if we could once again weep over wayward Christians and hell bound sinners, there would be a mighty touch of God upon us. In Psalms 126:6- ìweepingî comes before ìbearing precious seed.î Read Jeremiah 9:1 and Jeremiah 14:17.

III. A Reaping Revival- What comes as a result of revival?

First, the deliverance of souls comes as a result of Godís moving (Jn. 6:44).

Secondly, consider delighted saints, thrilled over the things of God (Ps.1:2).

Thirdly, different society comes as a result of a sweeping revival.

Fourthly, there will be a definite declaration-"to God be glory."


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