Summary: When the Tribulation period draws to a close the King of Kings will come again to usher in the new reign.

A Biblical View of the End Times

The King Is Coming

Revelation 19:11-21

Intro: Since the day man sinned in the Garden of Eden, the whole of history has been moving toward one tremendous event. That event is the day when Jesus Christ returns to this world in power and glory to reign.

When Jesus was here on the earth, He made many promises to His followers, but perhaps none is so great as His promise that He will indeed return to this earth one day.

The fact of the matter is, Jesus is coming again! We have already seen that He will return in the Rapture to claim His people and take them to Heaven. However, just as every coin in your pocket has two parts, so does the return of Jesus. The first part is when He returns in the clouds to receive His bride and the second part is when He returns in glory to defeat His enemies and to reign upon the earth. It is this event that we want to focus on tonight.

Many famous men have left us their legacy in their words. But their words are just that, Words! However, the words of Christ are truth! Everything He has ever said is true. And, when He tells us that He is coming again, you had better believe it!

I want you to know tonight that The King Is Coming! He is returning to this earth some glorious day to reign in peace and glory upon this earth. You need to be sure that you are ready to meet Him. Let’s spend some time together in these verses as we think on the thought: The King Is Coming!


When the rapture takes place, it will be so sudden and so swift that people will not even know what has taken place. Like a thief in the night, Jesus will come and steal away His jewels from the earth and will take them to Heaven. The rapture will not be a visible event. However, when Jesus returns the second time in glory and power, everyone, everywhere will know about it. Look at what these first verse tells us about this visible event.

A. The Appearance Of Jesus (vv. 11-13, 16)

These precious verses tell us something of what Jesus will look like when He returns to the earth the second time. Notice what the Bible says about The Appearance of Jesus.

1. His Nature (vv. 11-12

• From this description, it is clear to see that Jesus is a little different than He was the first time He came!

A. He Is Full Of Glory (v. 12)

• This verse tells us that Jesus Christ wears on His head many crowns.

i. Jesus is already King of Kings whether men acknowledge that fact or not!

ii. People can pretend that Jesus isn’t Lord, but one day, His sovereignty will be revealed with great power and glory!

• This verse also says that "His eyes were as a flame of fire."

i. This speaks of His holiness!

ii. When He returns the second time, He comes not as a meek and lowly Lamb, but He returns as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

iii. He returns not in humility, but in power, authority and glory!

B. He Is Faithful and True (v. 11)

• I am sure for many that it looked like Jesus would never return, but He is Faithful and True!

o He can be depended on to keep His Word forever! What He says He will do, He will do!

o That Anti-Christ, like a lot of world leaders will rise to power riding the back of lies and false statements.

• However, when Jesus appears, there are no attempts to prove that He is who He claims to be.

o He shows up as a King and the world now knows it is true!

C. He Fights In Righteousness (v. 11)

• All down through history, there have been wars.

o Many have been fought for foolish reasons.

o In fact, all wars boil down to one thing: sin!

o They all come from the fact that men want to be God.

• Jesus, on the other hand, wages righteous war!

o His cause is a just cause!

o He fights the battle of the Lord!

o We may like to think of Jesus as a Man of peace, and He is the Prince of Peace!

• However, the Bible also makes it clear that He is a Man of War!

o Certainly, God will pursue peace, but if man will not repent, there will come a day when that man must do battle with the Lord.

o He will not allow unrighteousness and sin to go unchallenged!

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