Summary: Seeking after

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Outline of Sermon:

Introduction: Priorities, Worries, Kingdom of God, Focus

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:25-34

Focus on verse 33

Reference Missions Moment

Reference Missions Anniversary Date

Focus on verses 25-27

Spiritual Advice and Logic

Focus on verses 28-31

Reference Children’s Moment

Focus on verse 32


Focus on verses 33-34

What else will you not be able to do if you spend time worrying?

Conclusion: Personal Priorities, Vision / Church Priorities

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We have all lived in the world for a long time. Even the youngest of us are quite aware that there are a lot of different and competing priorities in the world and even in the same family. So let’s have a little congregational participation this morning to start this morning’s message. Give me a list of priorities. Not just yours but everyone’s. (Repeat them back, add some, ask for more) Now how in the world are we supposed to live together if we have such different priorities. How about the example of politics: Do you think everyone of our leaders and representatives in Washington DC have the same priorities? And what is the result of all of those different priorities? (Gridlock, govt. shut down, and more.) How about families? Do you think everyone in your and other peoples families have the same priorities? So let’s have a little congregational participation again. What are some priorities of people of all ages in families? (Repeat them back, add some, ask for more.) (Personal examples: Olivia’s definition of “fun places,” Emma’s love of food and time with her mom and dad.)

Just like there are a lot of priorities, there are also a lot of things you could worry about. I don’t recommend worrying at all, you will find out why in the scripture we will read today. The word worry is starting to have a different meaning over time. It used to be thought of in more of worry’s negative sense. For example you would be thought to have a mental problem if you constantly 24/7 were to worry about a tidal wave crashing across the whole of America or that we were about to be under an alien attack. But now it is considered loving to be a worrier about the environment, or your children’s future, or the economy. I disagree with anyone who believes that worry is good.

Then there is the Kingdom of God. Does the Kingdom of God, the spiritual future of each and every person, the eternal future, do they even make it on your top ten list of priorities? If it doesn’t then no wonder that missions and the good new outreach to your world is not something you focus on. No wonder that our giving is small. Mission giving, local and international account for about 5% of what we give to this church in tithes. So all special offerings combined like World Missions offering, Camp Judson and Deacon’s fund are given $1 in envelopes for every $19 that we give to the ministries of this church. Now in addition to that $1 out of 20 that we give in offerings the church budget also gives $2 more directly to missions. So all together our church gives about $10,000 to others and about $65,000 to the ministries of our church. But don’t pat yourselves on the back too quickly. Even though the giving of this church is good, if the Kingdom was REALLY a priority it would be much greater. And not only that, if the Kingdom of God was REALLY a priority of the church then our personal evangelism to our community, our personal witness to those who still need Christ would also result in this church being much more full. Then those new who would come would also learn to prioritize the Kingdom and there would be no stopping us!

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Andrew Shields

commented on Oct 23, 2013

I meant to say this is my first posted sermon. I have preached 8 years.

Andrew Shields

commented on Oct 23, 2013

I meant to say this is my first posted sermon. I have preached 8 years.

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