Summary: God knows it all !

God is a Know-It-All !

This Psalm written by David describes how God has created us, and what he continues to do in our lives. It reveals the omnipresence, and omniscience of God.

I. God Shaped Us. Vs 13-15

a. He created us.

b. He covered us.

c. He curiously wrought us. (embroidered)

II. God Searches Us. Vs 1-2, 23-24

a. He knows our heart.

b. He knows our thoughts.

c. He knows our words before we speak them.

d. He knows our needs before we ever pray.

III. God Surrounds Us. Vs 3-10

He compasses our paths !

a. He walks in front of us.

b. He walks behind us.

c. He walks beside us.

d. He lives inside us.

IV. God Steers Us. V10

a. His hand is upon us to guide us.

b. His word is a guide to us.

c. His Spirit is our guide !

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