Summary: As we enter into the beginning of the Christmas season, it is important that we look at the truh reason for the season.

The Lamb is Promised

Genesis 3:1-21


This may seem like a strange place from which to preach a Christmas sermon. Yet, here in the midst of man’s greatest tragedy, is the revelation of man’s greatest hope. For it is in this tale of sin, judgment and death that we meet the message of the saving Gospel and the Person of the Lamb of God for the first time.

God made man in his own image. He created man in perfect innocence and placed him in a perfect environment. Adam has been given dominion over the Lord’s entire creation and he has been presented with a perfect companion, a woman called Eve. They live an idyllic existence, free from pain, disease, death and sorrow. Every need they have is met and they enjoy unbroken, unhindered fellowship with God Himself. The only restriction they have regards one tree which is located in the Garden of Eden. This tree called, “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Adam is warned to stay away from this tree, for to eat its fruit will bring death into the world.

Well, for an undefined period of time things go well in the Garden, until one day when Eve finds herself confronted by a serpent controlled by Satan. This serpent tells her that god is holding out on her and Adam. He tells Eve that god does not want them eating of the fruit because God knows that when they eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they will be like him. Eve succumbs to the temptation of the devil and eats of the fruit. Adam also falls for the lie and eats as well.

In an instant, everything changes! They are no longer innocent and pure, but they have become sinners; they have become fallen beings. Immediately, they are aware that everything has changed. They become ashamed because of their naked condition and seek to cover themselves with fig leaves. In the midst of this tragedy, God comes into the Garden to fellowship with Adam and Eve. He calls out to them because they have hidden themselves from Him. God knows what they have done and extracts a confession from Adam. Then the blame game begins. Adam blames Eve and God, while Eve blames the serpent. God immediately pronounces judgment upon Adam, Eve and the serpent, and God casts them out of the Garden of Eden.

Yet, right in the middle of this tragedy is a flicker of hope. Verse 15 shines out of this darkness like a great beacon of amazing grace from God. This verse has been called the “Protevangelium.” That is Latin word that means “First Gospel.” I know that some of you are thinking that the pastor has lost his mind on this one, but just hang in there with me and it will become clearer as we go along. It is here, in seed form, that the Gospel of salvation through the grace of God is seen. Here, for the first time, we see a glimpse of the Lamb of God who will later give Himself on Calvary’s cross to redeem a lost and dying world. Here we can see the first stitch in the scarlet thread of redemption that courses its way though the entire Word of God. This precious verse gives us the very first promise in the Word of god regarding the coming Lamb. I would like to take a few minutes to look into this passage as I preached on Behold the Lamb Promised. This passage reveals some precious truths regarding the promised Lamb. Please allow me to share these truths with you today as we consider the thought.

I. The Personality of the Promised Lamb

a. This Lamb is Unique in His Origin

• We are told that this One Who is coming will be the “seed of the woman.”

o This is a strange statement because by God’s very design the “seed” is provided by the male members of every species.

o Here, we are told that the woman will produce the offspring without the aid of a man.

o This verse gives us the first kernel of a great truth that will be more fully revealed down the road.

o This verse is the first prophecy of the Virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

• Satan did not understand it, Adam and Eve did not understand it; but God indicated that He will send His Lamb into the world through a woman without the involvement of a man!

o Of course, we know this is how the birth of Jesus came about.

o Isaiah prophesied it in Isaiah 7:14; and the angel Gabriel announced it to Mary and to Joseph .

• Why is this important?

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