Summary: The divine overarching story of humanity and the universe itself is playing out right before our eyes. It's happening everyday. It's all around us. You can feel it. It's all encompassing!

The divine overarching story of humanity and the universe itself is playing out right before our eyes. It's happening everyday. It's all around us. You can feel it. It's all encompassing!

It's like a song in the backdrop. It's like a quiet melody on the wind. You can feel it when you stare down an empty road in the midst of night. You can sense it as you stand alone in a wooded forest, listening to the timbers creaking. You feel the enchantment of it, staring up into the star filled sky. On the way to work it's happening. These are the moments of life itself. Maybe we'll talk about them in the next life. Maybe it'll just be written down somewhere, and we'll never think of it again.

As I watch a group of pigeons fluttering about on the pavement, I'm amazed. Deep down I know something so complex couldn't arise from disorder and nothingness. Such harmonious complexity takes a divine personality. God is at work, now and especially when I'm not noticing.

The beauty of these wind swept moments are breathtaking, but just as prescient is the sorrow of the darkness of this world. By darkness I mean struggle. I can feel that so powerfully. I have a mind where it takes off, and I can slide down into it, contemplating the incredible scope of the deceptions in this world. They are massive, entrenched, and powerful. Over such a short period of time the truth seems to have been entirely swept aside and every manner of filth, depravity, sin, and corruption have taken it's place. So quickly it seems, so quickly. One can build such good, and it can be circumvented so totally, so quickly.

I am the future generation, the millennials, generation Y. Yeah, it's interesting. It surely is interesting. We've grown up, at least I've grown up hearing in the backdrop of my daily life, adults whispering: "I feel sorry for the next generation." Or "I'm glad I'll be gone because the future is bleak."

And then there's my generation... well. They drink and drug and party quite a bit. They think they're brilliant artistic anti-establishment. But a lot of them are dumb, brainwashed pleasure junkies who parrot whatever the media tells them to believe. They puke out liberal sentiments programmed into them by the television. They go all out on party, wealth, selfishness, and sex. They are so assured there will be no consequences and they live in denial when the consequences crash down upon them. It's such a lost generation. And nothing I can say changes it, at all. I could weep for them day and night. It wouldn't change anything. Many of them are nothing more than dead walking. I once was the same.

In sexual encounters at random, in drug highs, in drunken bashes, the trick was this: We thought we were taking. But it was taking from us. It's very simple, but profound. Every single time, every high, every sexual blitz, every crazy night out, we were losing something. And so many of us have ended up hollowed out. This world took something precious from us. It took the sacred from us. The sacred is like a soft wind, a soft calm, a sort of blanket over the moment. Warm and fuzzy. Why? Because it's true, it's moral, it's right. It's a peacefulness, a closeness with God. It's a sense of living in a state of rightness; of being good. And being good feels so good. It feels so great.

With all the sinful depravity of this life, we stripped ourselves of the sacred for the sake of trite pleasures and those pleasures, appearing like sugary treats turned out to be meat hooks that dug into our flesh and turned us into slaves to desires we could never truly satisfy. There is no end to the need for depraved encounters, sex addicts and porn addicts will tell you they need more and more depraved and twisted imagery to keep themselves sufficiently titillated. You will hear much the same from the drug addict. More and more. It's never enough.

We thought we were so wise to turn from all the foundations, to write our own faustian story. But it wasn't the real story. It was a lie.

And thank God that I discovered the real story. The story has to be true to change the world. It has to be true to change me. That story is the saga outlined in the divine revelation known as the book. The book changes the world. Yet it's so hard for us to accept. It was for me. Why? Because it tells me the unvarnished truth about myself. It tells me all the things I don't want to hear. It tells me about how I'm the problem. It won't let me play it off on government, big business, banks, poverty, conditions, or anything else. It forces me to realize something very simple: What's wrong with the world is me. I'm the problem. And I've got a just reward in front of me because of my own selfish choices: total disconnection from God. That drives people crazy, how could God send me away from him? How could he send me to "hell"? Well, I suppose God doesn't want evil people around him. And to be honest, we aren't the victims of a mean God, we're the ones who have gone astray. Our choices have set us on this course, and we all know it deep down.

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