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Reading: Luke chapter 8 verse 40-55.


A man went to his doctor complaining about severe headaches:

• His doctor told him to stop smoking, which he did, (The headaches persisted).

• His doctor told him to stop drinking alcohol, which he did, (The headaches still persisted).

• His doctor told him to lose weight, which he did, (But nothing stopped the headaches).

• His doctor finally told him to quit his job, reluctantly he handed in his notice,

But still the headaches kept returning, everyday the pain pulsed through his head:

• Eventually the cause of the headaches was discovered:

• He was wearing a size 15 collar, on a size 16 neck.

Unlike that gentleman the two people in today’s story found no help from the doctors of their day:

• The two stories are intertwined,

• To look at one means really you have to look at the other.

(1). The two stories are full of contrasts:


• The man is named (vs 40).

• The woman is anonymous (vs 43).


• Jairus was an important synagogue officer (vs 41).

• Woman was (As far as we can tell) a "Nobody".


• Jairus came interceding for someone else (vs 42).

• The woman came hoping to get help for herself (vs 44).


• Jairus due to his occupation, Jairus was wealthy.

• The woman due to her illness she was poor ‘spent out on doctors’, (vs 43).


• Jairus asked Jesus to touch, lay hands on his daughter (Mark chapter 5 verse 23).

• The woman quietly comes and lays hands, touches Jesus (verse 44-45).


• Jairus was about to lose his daughter,

• Who had given him twelve years of happiness.

• The woman was about to lose an affliction,

• That had brought her twelve years of sorrow.

So the differences between Jairus and the woman are many:

• Yet despite their differences they both came to Jesus when everything else had failed.

• And the good news for them, is that he did not disappoint them!

(2). The people Involved:

(1st). Jairus the synagogue ruler:

• A pillar of Jewish orthodoxy.

• A respected, looked up to person (pride of his mother)

Worth noting:

• His social group and equals would have looked down,

• Upon Jesus and despised him.

• Because of his lack of schooling (right university!).

• Because of the company he kept (sinners & pros).

• But not Jairus!

His motive for approaching Jesus may well have been out of desperation:

• But so what? The important thing is he came!

• He had tried everything else, he had tried everyone else.

• His last chance, his only ray of hope, was Jesus.

• So he comes to Jesus in a hopeless situation.

(2). This woman with the issue of blood.

• This lady had had what appears to be an incurable haemorrhage.

• This haemorrhage was slowly destroying her.

• Unobserved she creeps up behind Jesus.

• And quietly touched the hem of his coat.

Note (useless information):

• That does not mean around the ankles of Jesus' garment:

• The outer garment would be similar to wearing a blanket,

• It would have been thrown over the left shoulder,

• And left to hang down the back of the wearer.


Good news Bible pictures it like this.

• This woman also comes to Jesus out of desperation

• But with a great belief in the power of Jesus.

• And as everyone in the crowd is pressing & touching Jesus, and patting him on the back.

• She quietly and gently reaches out her hand & touches his back.

(3). Their encounter with Jesus.

(A) The Woman.

• She came to Jesus and she was not disappointed,

• A simple act of faith placed in the saviour.

• Jesus honoured her faith, weak as it was,

• And healed her body.

But notice:

• The Lord then asked her to give public witness to him,

• Not to embarrass her, but for her own sake.

3 ways in which she benefited:

• (1). She had the chance to confess Jesus as the Messiah.

• Conversion may be personnel (you & God) but it is NEVER private (visible i.e. baptism).

• (2). She was able to receive not just healing BUT Jesus' words of assurance and comfort.

• Assurance of salvation comes as we honour the Lord.

• (3). People would know she had been healed:

• And she would no longer be prevented from entering a place of worship (unclean).

Note: There is one obvious and simple lesson we can learn from these verses:

• That you can be part of the crowd,

• Who are close to Jesus, and not get the blessing:

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